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Deutsche Windtechnik opens up the market and offers alternatives

In 2016, Deutsche Windtechnik opened a unit in Varberg, Sweden, and since then it has grown at a steady pace. Sweden's special climatic conditions, long distances between wind farms and low remuneration for wind power owners meant that there was a need for new maintenance and service concepts. Today, we offer cost-effective, high-quality service alternatives for all of Scandinavia.

An independent service provider
The independent service partner Deutsche Windtechnik provides innovative, reliable maintenance to ensure high availability and make wind power ownership more flexible. We are constantly working to optimise our service: technically, economically and environmentally. Our close cooperation with Deutsche Windtechnik in Germany makes it possible to effectively overcome all technical challenges posed by the country's special weather and geographical conditions. Wind turbines are connected and continuously monitored via remote diagnostic systems. This makes it possible to detect problems immediately and remedy them quickly. Our extensive centralised spare parts warehouse covers all brands we have under service agreements, thereby ensuring short lead times and high availability.

Knowledge, quality and experience
Our technicians regularly receive training from our international experts at our own training facility in Germany, and this creates an open, transparent environment that promotes innovation. This leads to new solutions and developments that benefit both you as a customer as well as the environment we operate in.

We offer flexible agreements that range from basic to full-service, and this enables us to provide solutions that are tailored to your wind power portfolio. Currently, 80% of all wind turbines maintained by Deutsche Windtechnik AB are covered by full-service agreements. The portfolio includes turbines manufactured by Vestas, Enercon, Siemens, Gamesa and Nordex.

Facts and figures

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Wind turbines under contract
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Centres and service stations
Linus Sturesson

Linus Sturesson
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik AB (Sweden)

Phone:+ 46 10 788 18 10

Robert Karlsson

Robert Karlsson
Sales Manager

Phone:+ 46 10 788 18 44

Deutsche Windtechnik ISO 9001Deutsche Windtechnik-ISO14001

Deutsche Windtechnik AB

Smältugnsgatan 4
43232 Varberg

Phone: +46 10 78 81 800

Deutsche Windtechnik AB
Five years of independent, multi-brand wind services in Sweden: Deutsche Windtechnik offers wind farm owners a real alternative

Five years of independent, multi-brand wind services in Sweden: Deutsche Windtechnik offers wind farm owners a real alternative

The Swedish unit of Deutsche Windtechnik is celebrating its five-year anniversary. As an active driver of the energy transition towards renewables, the unit based in Varberg has seen tremendous growth since it opened for business in 2016.


luftpost - special edition Sweden 2021

luftpost - special edition Sweden 2021

The wind energy market in Sweden is very dynamic. Wind energy has proved to be one of the energy source that can be built the fastest and at the lowest price, making it possible to achieve the energy transition by 2040. Approximately 20 percent of Swedish electricity currently comes from wind energy, and the trend is rising. As the number of turbines has increased, so has the need for maintenance that is high-quality but still has a lower cost.


Deutsche Windtechnik achieves a new milestone in Sweden –
Service for more than 200 wind turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik achieves a new milestone in Sweden –
Service for more than 200 wind turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik's Swedish unit has expanded its portfolio and signed a technical support agreement that includes twelve Nordex turbines in Finland, setting a new milestone with a total of over 200 wind turbines under service contract. Between January 2020 until now, the Swedish unit achieved a growth of 42 percent.


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  • Deutsche Windtechnik has proven that it maintains a high standard and has increased the availability of our wind farms. We feel safe working with Deutsche Windtechnik.

    Rabbalshede Kraft
    Lars Jacobsson | Head of Operations
  • We are happy to work with Deutsche Windtechnik. The company stands out with flexibility, on-time reactions and pro-customer approach. We surely recommend them as a reliable contractor.

    Varberg Energi
    Karin Hansson | Business Area Manager
  • Deutsche Windtechnik has given an honest impression and have showed us that they intend to be long-term partner to the wind power owners in Sweden.

    Wind farms Västra Götaland
    Tomas Ljungsberg | Owner