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We want to be the world's number one independent service provider

We are one of the largest specialists for the maintenance of wind turbines on land and at sea. Round about 2,200 employees at Deutsche Windtechnik work to ensure that over 7,100 wind turbines function reliably in Europe, the USA and Taiwan.

Independence creates transparency in the market. Because you as the operator are choosing an independent service provider more and more often, our company has become a permanent fixture in the European market. More and more operators are opting for service from independent maintenance providers globally as well. 

Our multi-brand expertise enables us to provide all services related to the maintenance of wind turbines from the manufacturers Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Senvion, Fuhrländer, Gamesa, Enercon, General Electrics and Mitsubishi. Our independence from the turbine manufacturer (OEM) ensures that we have an objective view of your project, creates transparency and gives us the freedom to design an optimal service strategy.

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Numbers and facts

Deutsche Windtechnik in a nutshell

380 million

€ sales in 2023




Wind turbines under contract


Service vehicles


Service stations


Substations (offshore)


Our locations at a glance

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A journey through our history

At the beginning of the 21st century, maintenance of wind turbines in Germany was one thing more than anything else: the manufacturer's domain. They had a monopoly on maintenance because each manufacturer was also the service provider after the sale of the turbine. Healthy competition that leads to alternatives, improved quality and fair cost structures did not exist. In addition, the business models of many manufacturers focused primarily on the further development and sale of turbine technologies. This was fertile ground on which a number of independent service providers could grow and prosper with their core business of maintenance. Deutsche Windtechnik was part of this. Together with our clients and partners, we have since managed to permanently change international markets. ISPs have become a permanent fixture in the market worldwide. This gives operators the opportunity to choose a service provider that fits their requirements. And the journey continues! 
Accompany our service technician while he climbs through the most important stations in our company's history!


Deutsche Windtechnik's Campus has been launched

The shortage of skilled workers is a challenge for us as well. In 2023, we combined and harmonised our training centres and the organisation of our numerous training and further education activities at the Deutsche Windtechnik Campus. We are gradually opening up and expanding the campus offering, partially in close cooperation with external partners, vocational schools, colleges and universities.

Enercon service continues to grow

Interest in our maintenance for Enercon turbines is increasing every year. In 2023, we had more than 800 Enercon turbines under service contracts. We were able to expand our portfolio to include Enercon type E-101 and E-115 CS101a turbines and develop new repair solutions for E-70 and E-82. Maintenance contracts for Enercon turbines were signed for the first time in France.

Increasing use of drones for inspections

The fields of AI and automation are experiencing major advancements, and drones are increasingly taking over some of the tasks involved in our work of inspecting rotor blades. In 2023, Deutsche Windtechnik's experts were among the first to successfully carry out a large-scale inspection campaign using drone technology, for example at the Butendiek offshore wind farm. 

2.255 Employees

7.186 WTG


First German offshore wind farm equipped with ADLS

For the first time, a German offshore wind farm is being retrofitted with an Aircraft Detection Light System: Our company was commissioned by the investors and operators of the Nordergründe offshore wind farm to equip the entire wind farm with ADLS. Deutsche Windtechnik is playing a pioneering role in the retrofitting of offshore wind farms from a single source.

Training capacities increased – 90 trainees in total

24 mechatronics trainees will begin their vocational training at the Deutsche Windtechnik Training Center. This is an increase of 50 percent over the previous year. We are providing vocational training for 90 trainees in Germany alone, covering all three apprenticeship years. This is a record in the company's history.

Cyber attack on our IT system

Around the world, critical infrastructure is increasingly being threatened by cybercrime. We as well as other industry partners suffered an attack of this type, and it impacted our work for weeks. At no point in time were the wind turbines under our care endangered by the attack or did they suffer any damage.

2.154 employees

7.819 WTG


New subsidiary for offshore full-service in the UK

The UK is at the top of the list of global offshore markets and is planning long-term investments in further expansion of offshore wind energy. Our entry into the offshore market as a high-performance, independent full-service provider with many years of offshore experience will increase the competition in the British service sector.

Deutsche Windtechnik welcomes its 2,000th employee

In addition to our focus on increasing internationalisation we welcomed our 2,000th employee at the end of the year.

Deutsche Windtechnik acquires wind operations and maintenance segment of Cooke Power Services

The acquisition includes existing customer contracts, including 50 MW of Mitsubishi (MHI) wind turbines under long term service agreements, as well as 38 employees of this section that are now part of Deutsche Windtechnik.

2.013 employees

7,658 WTG


Deutsche Windtechnik and psm WindService join forces

The renowned German service provider psm WindService becomes a 100 percent subsidiary of Deutsche Windtechnik. Both companies bring a lot of experience and know-how to the table, particularly in the areas of turbine maintenance, large component replacement, troubleshooting and in the development of retrofits and upgrades. Together we will gain further momentum in terms of both our performance and growth, and our customers will benefit from this.

Turbines with more than 10 GW rated power receive service – largest ISP worldwide

In 2020, which was marked by the outbreak of the corona pandemic, good news tends to be rare. But there is some: At the end of November, Deutsche Windtechnik is providing maintenance for wind turbines with a rated power of more than 10 GW. This is a new milestone in the history of our company. It not only shows our economic stability. Above all, it also clearly demonstrates the strength of ISPs, which have made a significant contribution to healthy competition in the maintenance market.

1.849 employees

6,657 WTG


Offshore maintenance for Siemens SWT-3.6 turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik has been awarded the contract to provide maintenance for 30 Siemens SWT-3.6-120 wind turbines at the Riffgat offshore wind farm. Since June 2019, we have been responsible for basic maintenance for the turbines, troubleshooting, remote fault elimination and spare parts management, and we have also taken on further responsibilities in the area of wind farm management.

Healthy growth in 2019

In 2019, we sign contracts for 1,175 wind turbines around the world. This significant increase is primarily due to the strong growth of our international services in the offshore, Senvion and Gamesa business areas.

1.427 employees

4,880 WTG


Service start for Enercon wind turbines

Even though we know that the manufacturer Enercon offers good service in many areas, we begin providing maintenance for Enercon turbines at the request of many customers, thereby expanding our multi-brand expertise to include another leading turbine technology. Our services include complete maintenance for Enercon turbines, including repairing generator damage.

Wind energy knows no borders: From Europe to Asia

After North America, we turn our attention to the east and establish a new country unit in Taiwan, where wind energy is experiencing strong growth. At the Yunlin offshore wind farm, we take on a large part of the turbine services above and below water as well as the technical operations management and technical management.

Independent inspection body recognised internationally

Deutsche Windtechnik’s expert opinion department was one of the first providers in the wind industry to receive the globally recognised award for an independent inspection body in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020. With this certificate, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) confirms that Deutsche Windtechnik not only possesses the necessary objectivity but also a high level of competence of its employees in the preparation of expert appraisals as part of technical inspections of wind turbines.

1.162 employees

3,624 WTG


Internationally unmistakable: Redesign of the Deutsche Windtechnik brand

Coinciding with our international growth, we present a new corporate branding at the Husum Wind trade fair. In addition to our reworked corporate design including the new trademark, the relaunch focuses in particular on large-format photos of our employees in their highly specialised work areas.

As a multi-brand specialist from Europe to North America

The US market now comprises an installed capacity of more than 100 GW, and this offers significant potential for maintenance activities. As a multi-brand specialist for turbines from Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Senvion and Gamesa, we already have expertise in approximately half of the turbine technologies used in the USA at the point in time that we enter the market. We also want to make the advantages of independent turbine service accessible to American operators and investors. The American country unit Deutsche Windtechnik Inc. is established in Houston, Texas.

Our unique Training Center for multi-brand system engineering opens

Our Training Center with its focus on system engineering is unique: Our service technicians receive further training here in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanics, hydraulics, control and operation in nacelles from the manufacturers Vestas, AN Bonus, Enercon and Senvion that are installed on the ground. But we also provide individual training courses for operators. One of the benefits of the practical training courses is that they help to make the service market more transparent and to open it up further.

1.011 employees

3,258 WTG


New locations in Sweden and France

Our Swedish unit, which has been established in Varberg, now also offers Scandinavian operators, investors and energy suppliers a high-quality alternative to manufacturer service for the first time. The demand for independent turbine service is also increasing in the heart of Europe: We enter the French wind energy market, establishing a French business unit and signing a number of service contracts.

OutSmart joins Deutsche Windtechnik

Deutsche Windtechnik and the Dutch-German group OutSmart have been working together since the summer of 2016. OutSmart has a lot of experience in the operational management of offshore wind farms as well as consulting competence in areas such as improving asset performance and negotiating direct offtake agreements.

Full maintenance from commissioning for Senvion's 3-MW class

The transition from fixed feed-in tariffs to competitive tenders that is now prescribed by the EEG amendment in Germany makes identifying and utilising cost savings potential increasingly important. The contract is awarded to the provider with the best offer. Our technological expertise enables us to offer our independent service as early as the planning phase and during the tendering process. This increases competition. We sign a contract to provide full maintenance for the Buchonia wind farm with nine Senvion 3.2M turbines, making us the first ISP in the world to take over complete service for a wind farm from the time it is commissioned.

895 employees

2,865 WTG


We become part of the UK energy transition

Established service companies were acquired in Spain in 2014, but we are taking a different approach in Great Britain. We are building up the UK country unit ourselves, with a mixed team of experienced UK wind energy experts and long-standing Deutsche Windtechnik employees. The first service contract covers the wind parks Beinn en Tuirc 2 as well as Black Law, which is one of the largest onshore wind parks in the UK, comprising a total of 78 Siemens SWT-2.3-82 turbines.

Turbine service for Nordex, Senvion and Fuhrländer begins

The service market is changing more and more, and service providers are changing with it. As the market consolidates, manufacturers are taking over independent providers. But independent companies are also merging with each other in order to strengthen their competitiveness. By acquiring seebaWind Service in Osnabrück, Deutsche Windtechnik is not just expanding its turbine expertise to include Nordex, Senvion and Fuhrländer technologies. We also add many excellent employees in purchasing, remote data monitoring, in the service network, sales, maintenance support and training of new recruits to Deutsche Windtechnik's team, enabling us to achieve valuable synergies.

730 employees

2,700 WTG


New dimension: Service for offshore substations

Our offshore competencies are not limited to the wind turbine, transition piece or the foundation: In 2014 we take on extensive maintenance, testing, monitoring and service tasks for the offshore substation at the Butendiek wind farm. Our experts are also involved in the design, transfer and construction of the substation.

¡Buenos dias España! Expansion of service activities in southern Europe

By merging the Spanish companies GPS SL (General Power Services) and Danowind SL with Deutsche Windtechnik, we expand our field of activity to southern Europe. Our entry into the first foreign markets increasingly teaches us that there is no internationally valid, universal framework. In particular, there are major differences in the operator structure, the remuneration models and the infrastructure. Any service provider that operates at an international level needs to adapt to individual customer requirements and country-specific market conditions.

504 employees

1,705 WTG


Offshore and Consulting unit established

What many do not know is that we are one of the first offshore service providers! Our first offshore deployment took place in 2006 at the Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm. Like many market participants in the growing offshore wind energy industry, we needed to overcome many challenges in order to meet our own standards for high-quality and cost-effective maintenance, also in the offshore sector. We persevered – and succeeded: Our unit for offshore service, expert opinions and consulting, which we established in 2013, has now become one of the supporting pillars of Deutsche Windtechnik and is an essential part of the international offshore industry.

299 employees

1,516 WTG


Across national borders: Service start in Poland

Roots in Germany, but at home in Europe: We take on the complete technical maintenance of 24 Vestas V80 turbines, making us responsible for full maintenance of a Polish wind farm for the first time. The operator of the turbines, the Japanese energy supplier J-Power, only awards the contract to us after a comprehensive assessment process based on strict selection criteria. This first international success admittedly makes us a bit proud!

Certified safety training for us and the industry

We now offer professional training for working at heights and safety on a 17-m high, very complex indoor climbing tower at the Bremen headquarters. Over the following years, the training courses offered by the Deutsche Windtechnik Training Center will gradually be expanded to include many other areas of work in the wind industry and certified in accordance with GWO standards.

271 employees

1,302 WTG


Successive expansion of multi-brand competence

With the acquisition of Windstrom Service SH, Deutsche Windtechnik expands its service competencies to include Siemens and AN Bonus turbines. We are now in a position to provide comprehensive turbine and wind farm service to operators with corresponding mixed portfolios. This saves significant time and money.

Own expertise for control systems, electronics, converters and more

Our newly established business unit for control systems gives us increasing independence from manufacturers when repairing electronic systems in wind turbines. In addition to conventional repair solutions, we also develop our own parts and upgrades for control systems, converters, measurement technology and power electronics.

208 employees

780 WTG


For the first time from an ISP: Full maintenance for Vestas turbines

Risk-free and guaranteed availability for the operator: We are the first independent service company to offer comprehensive service for all turbine technologies from NEG Micon and Vestas. We also provide repairs for damage caused by force majeure – in contrast to what has been common on the market up to this point in time. Our full maintenance concept is successful: Five years later, more than a third of the turbines we provide service for are covered by full maintenance contracts.

151 employees

550 WTG


First contracts for Vestas turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik expands its independent NEG Micon service to include Vestas turbines. Maintenance, inspection, repairs, monitoring and the analysis and improvement of turbine operation form the core business.

118 employees

450 WTG


System safety and occupational safety – in focus from the start

Early in our company's history, we recognise the central importance of quality management, occupational health and safety. Among other things, we create interdisciplinary teams that carry out technical assessments for the entire wind turbine and prepare expert opinions regarding turbine safety and occupational safety.

Repowering – the entire life cycle in view

Due to the rapid development and increasing performance of turbine technologies, it is becoming apparent that repowering is an important factor for the viability of wind energy and the success of renewables as a whole. By establishing a special unit for repowering, we pool our expertise to support operators in planning, logistics and recycling of old systems.

74 employees

300 WTG


Independent service for NEG Micon turbines starts

The team led by brothers Hauke and Lars Behrends drives the maintenance of NEG Micon turbines forward at the company and increases the professionalism of service. We provide service for all types of turbines, from the small Micons and Nordtanks with 250 kW to large turbines, which have a rated power of 1.5 MW at that time.

Deutsche Windtechnik established

The parent company is established almost simultaneously with the start of turbine maintenance: Service units for turbine maintenance, substations, operations management, and rotor and tower work are established under the umbrella of Deutsche Windtechnik AG. In combination with a variety of other people, events and coincidences, this was the birth of Deutsche Windtechnik.

29 employees

120 WTG


Service for substations

In 2005, we acquire UBS Umspannwerke, which is well known in the industry.

30 employees

70 WTG


Market entry with service for rotor blades and towers

Deutsche Windtechnik's starting point was Deutsche Rotor- und Turm-Service in Bremen – a company with many years of experience in the industry. The development of Deutsche Windtechnik is already closely linked to Klaus Meier in these early stages. He and Gernot Blanke built up the wpd group. Together with the current Director, Matthias Brandt, they played a key role in preparing and establishing Deutsche Windtechnik as an independent company.

30 employees

70 WTG

Corporate structure

Strong competencies under one roof

In order to make our knowledge available in the company as well as in the market, we embrace a culture of transparency and interdisciplinary communication on different levels. We pool and organise our knowledge in competence centres within the company: Individual units and national subsidiaries have developed specific expertise from which the entire company benefits. Sharing these special competencies is what drives innovation, making it a prerequisite as well as the engine for the continuing internationalisation of Deutsche Windtechnik. 

As the operator, you benefit from this culture: Driven by your specific service requirements, our experts work in an interdisciplinary manner, develop new ideas, incorporate tried and tested methods and redefine interfaces. This close cooperation between the various business areas gives our entire company a strong foundation. As a medium-sized company, we value solid business practices. Our company is profitable and also well financed. This ensures sustainable reliability.


Matthias Brandt




Our responsibility

We are committed to the environment and society 

Our core values are the source of a wide range of responsibilities that are highly interconnected. Regardless whether at a local, regional, national or international level: Everything we do takes place on this planet and influences our environment. This complexity is not something we try to hide behind. Our goal is to act in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. And to shape our future. Every action, no matter how small, is important and has an impact. The faster we act on this knowledge, the better. We are convinced that it is crucial to raise this awareness. We made a start and are now well on our way, but we understand that it is not easy to fully meet the expectations we have of ourselves. 



Insights into how we see ourselves


"Dear employees,

The good reputation of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group and the trust of our business partners, clients, shareholders as well as the authorities and the public depend crucially on the behaviour of each individual employee of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group. Even supposedly minor violations of the law can seriously impair this trust and cause great damage to the corporate group. This group-wide Code of Conduct describes the behaviour expected of all employees.

The principles of conduct laid out in the Code of Conduct are binding for all employees of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group. "

Matthias Brandt


Your contact person - we look forward to hearing from you!

Geert Timmers
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik B.V.

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