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We ensure short downtimes for your wind turbine 

Rotor blades have to withstand higher loads than almost any other component of the wind energy system. To reduce your costs and downtimes to a minimum, we use various platform technologies, rope access technologies and other alternatives for inspection and repair. Even severe damage can be repaired after disassembly in a tent directly at the wind turbine installation site or in a workshop.

Our main services include:

  • Assessment by independent, accredited experts 
  • Repair of the rotor blades
  • Optimisation and geometry measurement of the rotor

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Inspection of rotor blades by our independent and accredited inspection body

There are numerous situations during the service life of your wind turbine that require the rotor blades to be assessed by experts. We provide technical expert opinions that are prepared by our independent and accredited inspection body:

  • For commissioning
  • Before the warranty expires
  • For periodic inspection
  • For condition-oriented inspections (CBI) in accordance with the insurance agreement
  • To secure or enforce liability claims

Completely enclosed platform technology enables year-round rotor blade repairs

Weather-related downtimes during periods of bad weather are a thing of the past. Thanks to the completely enclosed Terra work platform, we can now work largely independently of the weather on rotor blades that are still attached.

Your contact person - we look forward to hearing from you!

Geert Timmers
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik B.V.

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