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Deutsche Windtechnik's services

Onshore services

As an independent, globally active service provider, we have comprehensive expertise in system technology: We integrate the entire turbine, the substation and even the smallest electronic components. We can help you to exploit the full potential of your wind farm project by implementing an optimal maintenance strategy!

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Offshore services

We are your full-service partner for offshore wind farms and substations. If required, we can also just take on individual service tasks. Our high quality of service for all common system technologies is ensured by the continuous sharing of expertise between onshore and offshore teams as well as regular training for our employees. To reduce costs, we combine our activities and create lean processes for your offshore projects. 

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Deutsche Windtechnik's services

Training Center

We train occupational safety and system technology under unique, realistic conditions. From certified occupational safety training in accordance with current standards to specialised turbine training for almost all types of turbines, we offer a range of certified training courses that are relevant to the industry. Find out more!

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