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We deliver the right spare parts to you just in time

Spare parts management has to work smoothly. Thanks to our technical expertise, we not only offer you the right spare parts – we also provide consultation and take care of all aspects of replacing the components, including putting the turbine back into operation. Together with our international business units, we provide the parts you need anywhere in the world via Delivery-at-Place.

We provide you with all spare parts for your wind turbine, for example:

  • Large components such as gearboxes, generators, main shafts, transformers
  • Yaw gearboxes, motors, switches, contactors, valves and hydraulic blocks
  • Filters, greases and consumables
  • Hoses
  • Conversion kits
  • Electronics – especially refurbished parts and our own tool developments
  • Plug and play solutions


Get in touch about our spare parts management

Our network of warehouses makes it possible

We use three different types of storage to ensure that we can quickly supply you with all essential components: main storage, interim and station storage directly at the service base, and the service vehicles themselves with their equipment. Any spare parts that we do not have in stock at our local station warehouses will be made available to you from the interim warehouses or the main warehouse via express courier. 

Our own repair solutions ensure that your turbines can continue to operate in the event of bottlenecks

In addition to all large components, we also have an adequate supply of parts for control units, computer PCBs, brake systems and hydraulic systems. If system components are heavily damaged or a bottleneck occurs in the procurement of spare parts, our own repair solutions enable us to ensure that your wind turbines can continue to operate.

We offer spare parts and solutions for discontinued turbine types

Do you operate wind turbines for which spare parts are no longer available from the manufacturer or which are no longer serviced? We have suitable, pragmatic solutions for many of these turbine types. Feel free to contact us directly!

Your contact person - we look forward to hearing from you!

Geert Timmers
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik B.V.

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