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More than twelve years of experience in purchasing, sale and dismantling of wind turbines

Are you faced with the question of what to do with your aging wind turbine or wind farm? We would be happy to assist you in finding an economically viable solution for the future of your project.
We provide consultation as well as active support during the last but equally important phases of sustainable turbine operation, while ensuring that all relevant requirements are fulfilled. This includes occupational safety, environmental protection, approvals and the regulations that apply to dismantling.

Our services at a glance:

  • Purchase of wind farms for lifetime extension
  • Wind turbine and spare parts sales
  • Holistic project management for dismantling wind turbines

We buy your wind farm to extend its lifetime

Are you faced with the question of whether to sell or dismantle your wind farm? We are happy to provide consultation for your project and help you to find the best answer to this question. The earlier you involve us, the greater the range of options we will be able to provide. 

We understand the used wind turbine and spare parts business

We are the right partner when you are looking to buy or sell wind turbines. From drafting the contract to dismantling and selling, we can manage your entire project for you. It ensures planning security and good results.
In addition, we support you in the technical assessment and subsequent valuation of used turbines. We also provide technical support and ensure the supply of spare parts after the reinstallation of the wind turbines.

The success of a dismantling project is determined by three factors

For us, dismantling is a last resort. Only when all other options for safe and profitable lifetime extension have been exhausted does it make sense from an economic and ecological point of view to dismantle the system.

If your wind farm needs to be dismantled, three factors are crucially important:

  • The overall project should achieve the best possible economic performance.
  • The construction of new turbines must not be hindered in any manner.
  • It must be ensured that applicable standards for occupational and environmental safety are adhered to during dismantling, loading and transport.

We have all of the expertise in-house that is needed to successfully complete your project. This includes professional disconnection from the grid, selection of crane resources, dismantling, environmentally friendly recycling of the entire turbine, foundation dismantling and renaturation of the sites.

Your contact person - we look forward to hearing from you!

Geert Timmers
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik B.V.

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