Our involvement in associations, committees and working groups

We don't see ourselves as a lone wolf in the service industry. In many ways, operating wind turbines safely, reliably and profitably at an industrial scale requires joint efforts of the entire wind industry. We want to do our part in our areas of expertise. This means that our point of view and competencies as a service provider also flow into the committee work of various wind energy associations. We want to share information, discuss and inform, develop standards together and be innovative.

Here is a little insight into our association activities:


German Federal Wind Energy Association BWE

  • Member of the expert advisory board as well as the working groups for night-time marking, rotor blades and lifetime extension

Funding Company for Wind Energy FGW

  • Participation in technical committees TR7 (maintenance) and TR 10 (operating data and location yield)

Association of German Electrical Technicians VDE

  • Mandate holder in the VDE DKE 383

vgbe energy e.V.

  • Member of the Technical Committee Wind Energy


  • Seat on the board of directors

German Institute for Standardisation e.V. (DIN)

  • Member of AK DIN 18088-1-6
  • Support structures for wind turbines and platforms (onshore and offshore)
United Kingdom

EEEGR (East of England Energy Group)

  • Membership


Polish wind association PSEW

  • Seat on the committee


Seat on the advisory board / supervisory board of the Technical University in Varberg (technicians for wind energy are trained there)

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Geert Timmers
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik B.V.

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