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Deutsche Windtechnik's ADLS solution for safer wind farm operations in Europe

As requirements for all wind turbines in Europe will need to be equipped with ADLS on- and offshore by the end of 2023, Deutsche Windtechnik and f.u.n.k.e. Avionics GmbH partnered up to develop an ADLS solution to function independently of turbine technologies. Now, Deutsche Windtechnik has equipped the world’s first offshore wind farm, Nordergründe, with a fully functional, officially approved Aircraft Detection Light System. 

The advantages of our ADLS solution:

  • A range of configuration options: complete solution, connection to existing interfaces or utilisation of third-party systems
  • Independent of the turbine technology
  • Our license agreements exclude claims by the patent owner
  • Coordinated procedure for carrying out a site-specific assessment
  • Support during the approval process 
  • Low technical risk through specialist multi-brand expertise that is at your disposal throughout the entire service life of the ADLS system

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Multi-brand expertise and partnerships guarantee flawless functionality

Deutsche Windtechnik's ADLS system works with turbines from any manufacturer. This means that we can retrofit your offshore wind turbines in a way that fulfils all legal requirements, regardless of the turbine technology that is installed at your offshore wind farm. Our engineering experts can easily integrate our ADLS system with your wind farm.

We also have in-depth expertise in the maritime lighting, monitoring, communication and reporting systems that are already installed at your offshore project, and we guarantee that our ADLS solution will be integrated with these systems in a legally compliant manner. We gain technological expertise in our daily work when we operate and provide maintenance for these systems. In addition, we communicate with the manufacturers of all common systems at your offshore wind farm on a regular basis. 

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