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Offshore expertise confirmed by the German accreditation body

Offshore projects are very complex in terms of approval: There are many official requirements to fulfill, and as a wind farm operator, you need to provide a lot of evidence regarding stability, operational safety and public safety, even during the operating phase. As experts from the inspection body, we support you throughout the entire operating phase.

Our services in the accredited area cover the entire life cycle of your wind turbine, the supporting structure and the rotor-nacelle assembly (foundation, TP, tower, generator and rotor):

  • Inspections prior to commissioning
  • Warranty inspection
  • Periodic inspections 
  • Condition-oriented inspections 

In addition, we offer further services to you as an operator, buyer, seller, planner, investor, bank or insurer: 

  • Manufacturing and construction supervision
  • Drive train monitoring (video endoscopy and vibration measurement with focus on generator, gearbox, main bearing)
  • Rotor blade assessments
  • Risk analysis of wind farm projects

Our assessments are a crucial factor for the smooth operation of your turbines

Our accredited employees work impartially and bring their many years of experience and distinctive expertise to bear when valuing your asset.

We help you to answer the following questions:

  • Is my asset safe?
  • How much downtime is acceptable?
  • Is the wind farm sure to receive the necessary approvals?
  • What expertise is necessary to secure the investment?

Manufacturing and construction supervision offshore

We are at your side with our expertise right from the start. Wind turbines are not mass produced. This creates a number of technical challenges that have a negative impact on the operating phase. We provide services for your investment from the first screw to complete assembly, including intermediate storage, transport and commissioning – until all problems listed have been eliminated. 

Drive train monitoring offshore (video endoscopy and vibration measurement with focus on generator, gearbox, main bearing)

The heart of every wind turbine is the drive train, consisting of the rotor, main bearing group, gearbox, generator and, of course, the corresponding shafts. There are now also a number of gearless systems on the market. Whether with or without a gearbox, a drive train needs to be monitored in order to detect damage at an early stage. There are different methods for this:

  • The vibrations of the drive train can be monitored using an automatic condition monitoring system (CMS).
  • The components of the drive train can be inspected visually by video endoscopy using a tiny camera. Using this camera system, it is possible to inspect the smallest spaces inside of the gearbox, the bearings or the generator.

Vibration measurement data must be evaluated and interpreted. You will then receive recommendations from us on how to proceed. Damage verified by video endoscopy often leads to the replacement of large components. We make these replacements or repairs plannable for you in order to reduce downtimes for your systems to a minimum.


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