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We ensure the reliable operation of your wind turbines

As an independent maintenance provider, we have comprehensive expertise in system technology: whether it is an entire wind turbine, substation or the smallest electronic component.

Our main services include: 

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Inspection, repairs, improvements
  • Monitoring, analysis, evaluation
  • Increased performance, increased availability, reduced wear and tear
  • Spare parts management


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We are multi-brand specialists for the following wind turbines globally


2.233 WTG
3.250 MW


1.211 WTG
2.236 MW


359 WTG
660 MW


1.088 WTG
2.451 MW


317 WTG
544 MW


839 WTG
947 MW


800 WTG
1.628 MW


270 WTG
486 MW


868 WTG
952 MW


Do you operate multiple turbine technologies? We have a wealth of multi-brand expertise and experience, and we would be happy to work together with you to develop an optimal maintenance concept for your wind energy project.

Together we can develop a suitable service strategy


As an investor, are you looking for investment opportunities? As an operator and utility company, are you striving for efficient business models? Having the right maintenance concept is becoming increasingly important to ensure profitable turbine operation.

Which parameters are included in an optimal service concept? 

  • Turbine technology
  • Portfolio size
  • Life cycle of wind turbines
  • Risk assessment
  • Your requirements and goals
  • Your own competencies

These are just some of the variables that determine the right amount of maintenance in the desired quality. Let's analyze your parameters and develop an optimal service strategy together! 


Service and maintenance

Overview of further services

Your contact persons - we look forward to hearing from you!

Amanda Chapline
US Business Development

Joe Allen
US Business Development

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