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Make hidden components of your offshore wind turbines visible

The energy generated by your offshore wind turbine can only reach land if the underwater systems close to the turbine and the cables leading out are free of damage. Keeping these components free of damage not only ensures the functionality in the short term but is also extremely important for the availability of your wind turbines in the long term. All foundation-related components must be checked regularly in order to maintain the viability of lifetime extension for the offshore wind farm beyond the regular service life of 20 years.  

The weather, movement of the water, organic growth and constant wear and tear make carrying out the inspection a significant challenge because 95% of the cabling and foundation of your wind turbine or substation is not visible to the naked eye. Our concept goes beyond simple maintenance for accessible and difficult-to-access areas. We create technical and financial recommendations for you on a short-term and long-term basis and carry them out, if required. By taking your point of view as an operator, we see your offshore wind farm as a holistic project and categorize our subsea services in a comprehensible way. This enables you to make informed decisions about measures that might need to be taken. 

Our main services include:

  • Bathymetric scour and seabed surveys, backscatter sonar images of seabed objects
  • Diving services for sensitive or complex inspections and repairs
  • Complex geotechnical surveys such as cable depth inspections


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