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Deutsche Windtechnik USA is celebrating its fifth year anniversary after its initial founding on November 2nd 2017. The steady growth of the unit underlines the need for…

  • Deutsche Windtechnik internal

We are very happy to announce that the new company website has been online since this morning. We are an extremely multifaceted company with many country-specific…

  • Deutsche Windtechnik internal

As of August 1st, 2022, Deutsche Windtechnik is servicing 60 Mitsubishi MWT-102-2.4 for Canadian Hills Wind in Calumet (Oklahoma). The Canadian Hills Wind project is…

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Deutsche Windtechnik's maintenance work for the Adwen turbines at the alpha ventus offshore wind farm has proven to be a success:…

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Deutsche Windtechnik is proud to announce that it has signed several contracts for underwater inspec-tions at offshore wind farms…

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The Nordergründe offshore wind farm is the first offshore wind farm in the world to be equipped with a fully functional,…

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By realigning its maintenance campaign at the offshore wind farm Nordergründe, Deutsche Windtechnik, which is the only independent…

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Operations & Maintenance and Safety ConferenceStand: 90

Staff on site: Colleagues of Deutsche Windtechnik USA

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What makes Deutsche Windtechnik

How does it feel to work at Deutsche Windtechnik? What makes us who we are?

What makes Deutsche Windtechnik

Wie fühlt sich Arbeiten bei der Deutschen Windtechnik an? Was macht uns aus? Und wie…

Helicopter Rescue Exercise

Safety first! At Deutsche Windtechnik, we take safety at work very seriously.…

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