Tewel Ilhorn Söhlingen wind farm: Individual solutions for old turbines

Windpark Tewel Ilhorn Söhlingen

Deutsche Windtechnik adapts flexibly to provide service for wind farm subareas

Some of the wind turbines at the Tewel Ilhorn Söhlingen (TIS) wind farm in Lower Saxony have been in operation since 2002 and will soon be replaced by more powerful models. For this reason, the operator has opted for a basic contract with Deutsche Windtechnik. Under this cost-effective maintenance agreement, the service provider focuses on 24/7 remote monitoring, which includes error diagnosis as well as technical consultation and maintenance work.

The 28-megawatt Tewel Ilhorn Söhlingen wind farm consists of three subareas with AN Bonus systems from Siemens. The operator European Energy A/S from Denmark is planning to carry out extensive repowering work at one of the subareas over the next two years. "We opted for a basic contract with Deutsche Windtechnik because we wanted to keep the options for early repowering open," said Johannes von Dechend, Senior Project Manager at European Energy. He further noted: "This gives us competent basic maintenance without unnecessary costs."

Focusing on the essentials

The operating company has been focusing on the development, financing and construction of wind and solar farms since 2004, and it has been cooperating with Deutsche Windtechnik on this project since the beginning of 2014. In order to optimise the service life of the system, lower the operating costs and increase availability, the Danish company coordinates all repair and maintenance work on the generator and rotor closely with the experts from Deutsche Windtechnik.

“We particularly appreciate the high levels of availability and flexibility of Deutsche Windtechnik. The technicians adapt to the unique requirements of the individual wind farms,” Johannes von Dechend said. For example, Deutsche Windtechnik does not offer cosmetic repairs to the rotor blades for the subarea where repowering is planned to take place soon, instead concentrating on repairing any existing major damage.

The facts at a glance

Carrier: European Energy A/S

Start of the cooperation: 2014

Service: 24/7 remote monitoring, technical consulting, maintenance work

Plant types: 14 Siemens AN Bonus (each 2 MW power)

Total output: 28 MW

Expected return p.a.: 30 million kWh

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