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Luis and Stefan – not just colleagues but also real friends

Our employees Luis and Stefan are rope access technicians and have been a team for seven years. Over time, they have become close friends who can rely on each other. On Friendship Day, we asked them why their friendship is so special.

Why do you work so well together?

S & L: We've become such a good team by now that we both know what needs to be done and which one of us needs to do it.  

Do the two of you also get together in your free time, and if so, what do you do? 

S & L: Yes. We like to go climbing together at a climbing gym(as rope access technicians, we already know how, and apparently we don't climb enough as it is).Every now and then we go to an amusement park.

What is particularly important for your work as a team? 

S: Each of us needs to know what the other person is doing. The work always needs to be carefully prepared, and we have to be completely focused and able to rely on each other when we are working.

L: Safety always comes first. We need to be able to rely on each other 100% so that neither of us gets injured. Of course, we also have fun sometimes. :-)

What do you two have in common?

S: We both have walkie-talkies... Hahaha. Of course, we're both in the same line of work and we have the same hobbies. We both like to climb, travel and ride motorcycles.

L: Of course, our walkie-talkies connect us. :-) And we have the same sense of humour.

What can each of you do better?

S: Luis is better at communicating with the office. If we need special work materials, one of us has to communicate that to the office. Luis is simply more charming, so he's better at that. If we have any bad news (e.g. bad weather, work cannot be continued), he's the one to communicate it.

L: Stefan is better at writing work reports. His spelling is better, and he can formulate things more precisely than I can.

What were your funniest moments together?

S: Once we accidentally stumbled into a wasp nest while carrying material. I was able to hide in the transformer. Luis wasn't able to hide, so he got stung.
I also remember an occasion one day after work in France last August when we were at the sea. I was swimming and told Luis that the water temperature was perfect and he absolutely had to try it. Suddenly I heard Luis gasping for air. He was back out in a flash. What a wuss🤣. 

L: One time we were attacked by a mother duck while we were carrying out maintenance on a lattice mast. Nothing bad happened, it was just very funny!

What are the ingredients of a good friendship for you personally? 

S: One thing is to not take each other too seriously sometimes. We're relaxed and humorous with each other and even laugh at ourselves once in a while.

L: For me, loyalty, respect and honesty are very important in a friendship.

When was the last time you had an argument? What was it about?  

S: I was probably hungry at the time. I'm not very friendly when I'm hungry. :D

L: Stefan didn't have his Snickers and started acting like a diva again.

What annoys each of you about the other person?

S: I'm annoyed by Luis' disorder. He's constantly leaving his things behind or losing tools.

L: Stefan is a little lazy sometimes.

Describe the other person in three words. 

S: Wise old man.

L: Reliable, funny, best work mate ever!

When the two work together, work is twice as much fun. If one of them is on holiday, they actually miss each other. Luis and Stefan are like an adorable, old married couple. Three cheers for friends like that!


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