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Expertise confirmed by the German accreditation body

Your wind turbine requires numerous technical assessments that result from standards, guidelines and contracts. As an accredited inspection body in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012, we carry out these assessments for your wind farm project in a legally secure manner and summarise the results in a high-quality report. It clearly presents all important legal and technical information. The globally valid accreditation of our technical and organisational competence ensures that our reports are recognised equally by all parties, including authorities, insurance companies, manufacturers and other third parties.

Our services in the accredited area include technical assessments during the entire life cycle of your wind turbine:

  • Inspections prior to commissioning
  • Warranty inspection
  • Recurring inspections
  • Condition-oriented inspections

In addition, we offer further services to you as an operator, buyer, seller, planner, investor, bank or insurer: 

  • Lifetime extension assessments after design life of 20 years
  • Drive train monitoring (video endoscopy and vibration measurement with focus on generator, gearbox, main bearing)
  • Due diligence for wind farm projects with your participation
  • Risk assessment of wind farm projects with your participation

Our assessments are a crucial factor for the smooth operation of your turbines

Our accredited impartiality, independence and years of expertise are the basis for the work ethic of each of our employees. They form the basis of the impartiality with which we perform technical assessments for you. We assess your turbine for completeness as soon as it is commissioned. If everything has been installed correctly and safely, all permit requirements are met. 
Later on, during the operating phase, we ensure that recurring and condition-oriented inspections (CBI) are carried out for you. The periodic inspections serve as proof of the stability of the wind turbines in accordance with the DIBt guideline (German Institute for Building Technology). These assessments must be carried out in accordance with the specifications in the maintenance obligations book and, if necessary, additional requirements contained in previous expert reports. The technical condition of the wind turbine is examined during the CBI. The purpose is to detect initial damage and identify possible consequential damages. 

When your wind farm is close to the end of the manufacturer's warranty period, our experts identify existing problems in the individual wind turbines at your wind farm. We also create a prognosis regarding possible future problems that would impair the functionality or profitability of your turbines. Our assessment provides you with the basis to demand a remedy from the manufacturer or to justify an extension of the warranty. 
The high-quality report includes all legal information, technical data, the document review and all assessment points broken down in accordance with the RDS-PP code. All damage and defects are listed with site and location and then assessed. Our expert reports are rounded off by an overall evaluation of the assessments performed on your wind turbine regarding turbine safety, stability and public safety.

Number of technical assessments by turbine type: 


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