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Roots in Europe, globally active

Our name gives it away: Our company had its foundations in Germany. We were there at the beginning of the 21st century, together with the entire German wind industry, to make wind energy competitive and make the energy transition a reality. To this day, our foundation gives us a high degree of stability, quality, security and orientation, and this benefits the entire company. It also gives us a strong standing in international service markets.

Deutsche Windtechnik has begun serving the needs of our customers in Ireland and recently established its Irish business entity with the intention to provide multi-brand services to clients across the country from 2023 onwards. Our ability to adapt to constant change and market demands enables us to offer solutions tailored to our customer needs. Our clear focus remains on safety, quality, long term maintenance and additional services.


Our Irish location at a glance

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Your contact persons - we look forward to hearing from you!

Louise Stott
Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd.

Rosie Beevor
Country Manager Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd.

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