Manufacturer-independent service for WTG

Deutsche Windtechnik's new approach is a breath of fresh air

For the most part, service and maintenance are still the manufacturers' domain in the UK but manufacturer-independent service for MW class wind turbines became a real option when Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. was established in 2015. Very stringent QHSE and reporting requirements are standard for the UK market and Deutsche Windtechnik have the local infrastructure to deliver and meet customer expectations.

Over 100 employees currently look after wind turbines manufactured by Siemens/AN Bonus, Senvion, Vestas and NEG Micon spread over 35 wind farms throughout the country. There is a UK-based engineering team and a major component replacement team, while several technicians are working on offshore projects alongside their colleagues from other companies within the Deutsche Windtechnik group.

Close cooperation with the entire corporate group provides a comprehensive network and a wealth of experience that enables the team to service turbines from other manufacturers as well.

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Lars Behrends

Lars Behrends
Managing Director international
Deutsche Windtechnik Service GmbH & Co. KG

Phone:+ 49 4845 79168 0
Fax:+ 49 4845 79168 29

Deutsche Windtechnik ISO 9001Deutsche Windtechnik-ISO14001Deutsche Windtechnik Zertifikat OHSAS 18001

Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd.

The Cornerstone Building
60 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9EB Edinburgh

Phone: +44 131 230 0515

Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd.
luftpost - Special UK edition 2020

luftpost - Special UK edition 2020

2015 was one of the best years for the wind industry in the UK: achieving an 11 per cent share in electricity generation was a new record year. Wind energy developers also doubled the offshore installation rate of the previous year and the growing independent service provider (ISP) Deutsche Windtechnik founded a new branch in the United Kingdom.


Deutsche Windtechnik joins SafetyOn as Tier 1 member

Deutsche Windtechnik joins SafetyOn as Tier 1 member

Deutsche Windtechnik is officially a Tier 1 member of SafetyOn. This membership entitles Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. with a position on the SafetyOn Leadership Board and participation in the SafetyOn Technical Advisory Committee. The firm´s solid foot and steady growth in the UK market allows the organization to trust in its expertise and experience to be a part of how the health and safety is shaped and developed for the onshore wind industry in the UK.


Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. adds Senvion technology to brand expertise in the UK – five innogy-wind farms commissioned

Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. adds Senvion technology to brand expertise in the UK – five innogy-wind farms commissioned

The UK subsidiary of Deutsche Windtechnik is expanding its national portfolio by providing O&M for five wind farms operated by innogy Renewables UK. Besides Siemens, AN Bonus and NEG Micon, the independent service provider now counts also Senvion turbines as part of its knowledge base in the UK, and hence follows the path of the other Deutsche Windtechnik units.


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  • Farr and Causeymire are important assets in the Ventient portfolio. During our discussions with Deutsche Windtechnik, we have been impressed with the capabilities they have developed in the UK and a willingness to work with their customers to help drive the operational performance of the wind farms.

    Ventient Energy
    Huw Griffiths | Chief Operating Officer