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Find new solutions to keep everything running smoothly

We want to expand and advance our innovative strength. Technicians and engineers from all professional areas work on new and further development of our services. All the different areas need to perfectly mesh like the teeth of a gear-wheel.

Our analysis is based on a stable and continuously growing database that now includes more than 2,600 wind turbines. More than 70 engineers, qualified tradepersons, technicians as well as skilled employees with practical experience work in this fundamental area. They use their specialist knowledge to link the wind turbine data with technical calculations, careful selection of material and then subsequently carry out a detailed evaluation. On top of this, current focus is also on the areas of wind turbine software and programming.

Autonomy is essential for R&D

Above all, a service portfolio that is independent of the manufacturer is the driving force for retrofits and improvements to the entire process of maintenance and repair.

We are convinced that complete independence from the manufacture of the product can even be considered essential. After all, the manufacturer of the original equipment or the wind turbine is often trapped by their responsibility for the design fault.

Independent companies such as Deutsche Windtechnik concentrate only on maintenance and repair and are therefore in the position of being able to evaluate the operating characteristics objectively and impartially. This drives the process of improvements at every point. And makes them genuine experts in the field. They are often the only company with qualified maintenance and repair personnel for the most diverse generations of wind turbines.

Torsten Wohlert

Torsten Wohlert


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