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Deutsche Windtechnik is a specialist in the technical maintenance of wind turbines. Over 850 staff ensure that the wind turbines operate reliably around the clock, both onshore and offshore, throughout Europe. Whether it is an entire wind turbine, control unit, nacelle, rotor or foundation, from large components to the tiniest electronic parts right through to the substation, you’ll find the right experts for your wind turbine and wind farm.

Deutsche Windtechnik brings together people from different fields of expertise under the one roof. We are happy to take complete responsibility in the form of full-service contracts, with the focus on Vestas, NEG Micon, Siemens, AN Bonus, Nordex, Senvion, Repower and Fuhrländer. But we are also able to use our expertise to handle single projects and components. Give us a call.

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Deutsche Windtechnik: New controller allows more stable operation of Woodward frequency converters

Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service is now offering upgrades with CSC4 control units for all Senvion MM series wind turbine systems that were manufactured in 2007 or later. The new controllers not only prevent problems with the converter. Yield losses caused by increasingly limited availability of spare parts or even having to replace the entire converter can also be prevented, thereby saving considerable costs. The manufacturer-independent service provider is looking to expand its range of services to include the complete MD series in the medium term. more

Deutsche Windtechnik wins a major new contract in Great Britain for the maintenance of 61 Siemens SWT 2.3 wind turbines

The UK unit of the independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik, which is active throughout Europe, has just announced a major success. The investment group Zephyr and Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. have just concluded an agreement covering the maintenance of 61 Siemens type SWT 2.3 wind turbines. The agreement covers full maintenance, including selected large components, for a period of five years commencing in June this year. more

France: Deutsche Windtechnik has been awarded contracts to provide maintenance for Vestas V90 turbines for the first time

In June 2017, Deutsche Windtechnik\\\\\\\'s French unit will begin providing maintenance for turbines from Vestas for the first time. The 22 V90 turbines generate a total output of 44 MW. The contracts are for full maintenance. The agreement will initially run for four years, but there is an option to extend it. more


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Coordinating service deployments across multiple wind farms

Coordinating service deployments across multiple wind farms

Inspections and servicing are important for offshore wind farms, but they are also very expensive, especially if they need to be performed under water. However, there is significant potential for optimisation. more

What can onshore learn from offshore?

What can onshore learn from offshore?

The use of wind energy on land has a much longer history than it does at sea. But a closer look shows that the exchange of information and experience runs both ways. The introduction of the tendering process for onshore wind energy is currently energising this two-way discourse. more

How much maintenance is the right amount?

How much maintenance is the right amount?

They can almost be viewed philosophically: Finding the right balance can be a life task, and this is also true of wind turbine maintenance. Every overarching strategy is the sum total of countless details of all factors involved. Technology, size, age, competencies and risk tolerance are just some of the variables that determine the right amount of maintenance in the desired quality. more