Offshore wind turbines

Where the power is generated

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The wind turbines are the heart of every offshore wind farm. In this field in particular we are able to utilise the full power of our strengths and expertise. Our range of services covers every type of support you might need for your facilities. We develop an appropriate concept for every technical and logical challenge we are given and implement this meticulously.

The offshore wind energy industry it constantly expanding with the aim of producing ever-cheaper power from the wind at sea. However, the industry is well aware of the fact that it must continue to make technical progress in order to achieve this, which is why facilities are constantly growing in size. We accompany this rapid progress and grow with the tasks that this development involves.

We have a profound respect for the rough conditions at sea and are very familiar with the huge amounts of stress that these conditions place on both people and machines. Our employees are thus equipped with the qualifications and experience which allow them to cope with the challenges faced offshore.

Carl Rasmus Richardsen

Carl Rasmus Richardsen

Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH

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Full Service for offshore WTG by Deutsche Windtechnik

The following tasks may be carried out as part of technical management:

  • Technical management of the entire wind farm
  • Storage and analysis of the operating and system data
  • Monitoring and documentation of service and maintenance activities
  • Monitoring of warranty claims
  • Monthly reporting on all data relevant to operations
  • Availability calculations

The selection of activities can be expanded as desired within the scope of our service portfolio.

For the most part, maintenance includes inspection, maintenance and repair tasks. See below for a brief overview of the range of services we offer:

  • Creation of a maintenance plan
  • Creation of maintenance handbooks and checklists
  • Monitoring and implementation of established maintenance tasks
  • Troubleshooting (e.g. faulty crane, electrical short etc.)
  • Rotor blade service
  • Repair of large components

Unfortunately, over the lifetime of a wind turbine, it is not uncommon that large components such as rotor blades, generators, transformers or gearboxes need to be repaired or even replaced. The simple fact that the turbines are built at sea means that such undertakings are considerably more complex than they are on land. Our qualified and experienced staff are thus faced with at times very difficult and sensitive tasks, which they nevertheless handle and solve responsibly.

You can find more information here.

Our programme of complete data monitoring forms one of the corner stones of our service portfolio. See below for a brief overview:

  • Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our control rooms
  • Incident management (first, second and third level support)
  • Data collection and storage
  • Data analysis and preparation
  • Damage reporting

You can find more information at remote data monitoring.

We provide expert consulting services covering all aspects of our entire service portfolio. This includes:

  • Concept development (maintenance and repair plans, service concepts, emergency power and rescue concepts etc.)
  • Construction and production monitoring
  • Technical inspections and expert reports
  • Creation of work processes, plans and handbooks
  • QHSE management
  • Risk assessments
  • Due diligence

Click here for more information and details about technical testing or our range of services in the field of construction and production monitoring.

The cooperation work within Deutsche Windtechnik in combination with ongoing communication with our industry network fosters continuous progress in the state of development.

  • Use of improved control electronics
  • Retrofit development
  • Development of software updates
  • Development of improved electronic components

You can find more information about the development of systems technology here.                                                                                          

You can find more information about the development of control electronics here.