Wind Farm Vierschau:
More yield thanks to optimised tracking

Deutsche Windtechnik exploits turbine potential

Due to height differences and wind shadow effects caused by adjacent wind farms, yields for the wind farm in Vierschau, northern Bavaria, remained clearly below expectations. Therefore the operating company Hydrovind commissioned Deutsche Windtechnik with the site-specific optimisation of the wind farm in 2012. With success: the Deutsche Windtechnik team installed a patented tracking system and increased the yield by three percent.

Optimised tracking avoids cross winds, increasing the yield and protecting the blades Whilst reducing noise emissions and mechanical loads on the system as a whole.

Always facing the wind

The system developed by the engineering firm Frey essentially consists of a control cabinet and a self-learning control unit connected to the wind turbine control. By linking operational data, measurements of the nacelle position and performance, the tracking system keeps the wind turbine’s nacelle facing the wind at all times.

Secure investment

“With the optimisation measures, Deutsche Windtechnik helps us ensure high long-term yields and secure our investments,” says a delighted Johnny Larsen of the operating company Hydrovind and long-standing Deutsche Windtechnik customer. He adds: “Deutsche Windtechnik is the strategic partner for us when it comes to technical issues and problems.”

High yields even in difficult locations thanks to intelligent tracking.

Vierschau wind farm at a glance 
Location: Vierschau (Bavaria, Germany)
Operator: Hydrovind
Start of cooperation: 2012
Deutsche Windtechnik services: optimising turbine yield
technical details:
Turbine types: 3x Fuhrländer MD77 (each with 1.5 MW capacity)
Total output: 4.5 MW
Expected annual yield: 6.0 million kWh