Wind Farm Spremberg:
Gearbox replacement at lofty heights

Deutsche Windtechnik services the world’s tallest lattice mast wind farm

The 22.5 MW wind farm in Spremberg, Brandenburg, Germany, generates 59 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which is sufficient for the needs of around 17,000 households – as long as the farm is running. A gearbox malfunctioned in 2013. Due to manufacturer bankruptcy, one of the nine wind turbines lay idle for several months. Deutsche Windtechnik then saved the operator from further yield losses.

With a hub height of 145 metres, the Spremberg wind farm was the highest lattice mast wind farm in the world at the time it was built. Instead of tubular steel or concrete, the manufacturer Fuhrländer used lattice masts for the towers of the inland model FL2500, reducing the amount of material needed and the total weight. Making repairs and replacing large components at such lofty heights requires special tools and cranes as well as technical expertise.

Market leader for Fuhrländer turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik technicians replaced the defective gearbox in May of 2014. The Spremberg wind farm operator subsequently commissioned the supplier-independent service provider with the remote monitoring and the continuous maintenance of the wind farm. Deutsche Windtechnik’s market share of around 90 percent now makes it the market leader for service and maintenance of the turbine type Fuhrländer FL2500 in Germany.

Customer proximity and flexibility

“In Deutschen Windtechnik, we have found a partner with comprehensive technological expertise, specialising precisely in these turbines,” says Gerrit Schmidt, authorised officer for WSB Service Deutschland GmbH. “Their extensive references for the FL2500 turbines and the flexible and personal service were the main reasons that, in agreement with the operator, we deliberately decided on Deutsche Windtechnik.” 

Gerrit Schmidt, authorised officer for WSB Service Deutschland GmbH

Energy highlight: the Spremberg wind farm generates 59 million kilowatt hours of energy annually. 

Spremberg wind farm at a glance
Location: Spremberg (Brandenburg, Germany)
Project partner:  WSB Neue Energien GmbH
Start of cooperation: June 2013
Deutsche Windtechnik services: large component replacement, maintenance and remote monitoring
Technical details
Turbine type: 9x Fuhrländer FL2500 (each with 2.5 MW capacity)
Total output: 22.5 MW
Expected annual yield: 59 million kWh