Wind Farm Dollerup: Replacing large components in Schleswig-Holstein

Deutsche Windtechnik coordinates the rebuilding of a burnt-down wind turbine

Deutsche Windtechnik successfully rebuilt a heavily damaged 1.5 megawatt wind turbine in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, Germany. The technology service provider cooperated with manufacturers, assessors and other service providers on this challenging project.

One of four turbines on the Dollerup wind farm suddenly burst into flames at the end of 2013. The nacelle burned down completely and the rotor blades were badly damaged. Since everything except for the upper part of the tower remained intact, the operating company decided to have the wind turbine rebuilt.

From the search for causes to restoration

Deutsche Windtechnik first of all helped the evaluators and the Criminal Investigation Department look for causes: a short circuit between the power cables had caused the fire on the Dollerup wind farm. Deutschen Windtechnik technicians then dismantled the damaged rotor blades and the nacelle and restored the upper portion of the 65-metre-high tower.

Replacing rotor blades and nacelle

The new rotor blades were custom manufactured by the company SINOI. Deutsche Windtechnik procured the replacement nacelle from the wind turbine manufacturer. One of the special challenges in rebuilding was to gear the new components’ technical standards and the control unit to the old turbine’s converter.

Many years of experience with MD70 turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik put the turbine back into operation in the summer of 2014. Thomas Jensen of the operating company Dolleruper Bürgerwindpark GmbH & Co. KG says: “We always expect the unexpected when it comes to turbines with heavy fire damage. As Deutsche Windtechnik services a large number of MD70 series wind turbines and coordinated things very well with our longstanding service provider EEG Service & Technik GmbH, we felt we were in good hands from the very start.” 


Well serviced: Thomas Jensen felt the rebuilding was in good hands with Deutsche Windtechnik. 

Completely rebuilt: Deutsche Windtechnik rebuilt a burnt down wind turbine on the Dollerup wind farm. 

Dollerup wind farm at a glance
Location: Dollerup (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
Operator: Dolleruper Bürgerwindpark GmbH & Co. KG
Start of cooperation: February 2014
Deutsche Windtechnik services:

dismantling and rebuilding a burnt down wind turbine; large component replacement

Technical details
Turbine types:

3x Nordex/Südwind S70 (each with 1.5 MW capacity), 
1xSenvion/REpower MM82 (2MW capacity)

Total output:  6.5 MW
Expectes anual yield: 14.5 million kWh