Maintenance and repair is and remains a dynamic subject. This can be clearly seen by the number of upgrades that we have developed to optimise the operation of wind turbines. Whether complex or surprisingly simple solutions – every upgrade is the result of our education, research and development processes driven by our passion for servicing and the agility of our company processes.

The exchanges between the specialist areas of the Deutsche Windtechnik and our subsidiary network ensures that the improvements are developed and applied to the right extent. In order to always maintain an overview of the desired economic effects, the technicians work closely together with the sales department and management.

Upgrade Manufacturer Type Target component
Accumulator / Pitch-accumulator NEG Micon NM72c EVO II, NM82 EVO II, V82 Rotor/Pitch System
Air Conditioning Package Equipment Housing Vestas V66 - V80/90-2.0 Nacelle/General
Automatic Central Lubrication of Main Bearing NEG Micon M1500, M1800, NM48, NM52, NM60 Nacelle/Main Bearing
Automatic Centralised Lubrication for Blade Bearing Vestas V66 - V80/90-2.0 Rotor/Pitch System
Automatic Centralised Lubrication for Main and Azimuth Bearing NEG Micon NM64c, NM72c, NM82 Nacelle/Main Bearing
Automatic Centralised Lubrication Main Bearing Vestas V66 – V80/V90-2.0 Nacelle/Main Bearing
Azimuth Brake System NEG Micon NM60, NM64c, NM72c, NM82 Azimuth System/General
Azimuth Brake System Vestas V66 - V80/90-2.0 Azimuth System/General
Azimuth Lubrication System/Slewing Ring Lubrication Vestas V66-1.75, V80/90-2.0 Azimuth System/General
Carbon Brush Holder Power Transfer Vestas V52-850, V66-1.75, V80/90-2.0 Mk1-Mk4 Nacelle/Generator
Carbon Brush Holder Signal and Voltage Transmission NEG Micon NM72c, NM82, V82, NM80/92-2.75 Nacelle/Electrics
Computer Motherboard Power Supply (WTC1 Control) AN Bonus 150 kW - 600 kW Control System/Electrics
Continuous Lubrication MD Series (Fuhrländer/Repower/Senvion/Nordex/Südwind) Nacelle/Main Bearing
Control Concept Mita WP 3100 MK II
MD Series (Fuhrländer/Repower/Senvion/Nordex/Südwind)
Control System/Electrics
Conversion from ISDN to DSL Fuhrländer
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Control System/Data Monitoring
Cool Top and Bottom Box Nordex N80/N90 Nacelle/Electrics
Cooling for Inverter Control Unit Vestas V52-850, V66 - V80/90-2.0 Nacelle/Electrics
Coupling Gearbox Generator Vestas V47-660 Nacelle/Gearbox
Elimination of Azimuth Brake Squeaking Fuhrländer
MD Baureihe, Fuhrländer FL2500, Nordex N80/90 Azimuth System/General
Fill Level Monitor for Main Gearbox NEG Micon NM48 - NM82 Nacelle/Gearbox
Frequency Inverter MD Baureihe (Nordex/Fuhrländer/Senvion) Control System/Electrics
Gearbox Mounting NEG Micon NM64c, NM72c, NM82, V82 Nacelle/Gearbox
Gearbox Mounting Vestas V66-1.65 RCC, V66-1.75 VCS Nacelle/Gearbox
Gearbox Mounting Vestas V80/90-2.0 Nacelle/Gearbox
Generator Mounting NEG Micon NM60, NM64c, NM72c, NM82, V82 Nacelle/Generator
Grid Protection Test at Wind Turbine Level MD Baureihe (Nordex/Fuhrländer/Senvion) Control System/Electrics
Hub Frame / Pitch Traverse NEG Micon NM72c EVO I P02 Rotor/Pitch System
iBox AN Bonus Anlagen mit WTC3 Steuerung Control System/Data Monitoring
Installation of Fire Extinguishing System Gamesa
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Nordex N80/90/100/117, GE 1.5, Vestas V80/82/100, Gamesa G8x Nacelle/General
Intrusion Detection System WTG AN Bonus
alle Tower/General
Inverter Detail Inspection MD Baureihe (Nordex/Fuhrländer/Senvion) Control System/Data Monitoring
Lightning Protection Fuhrländer
Control System/Electrics
Location Adaptation MD Baureihe (Nordex/Fuhrländer/Senvion) Control System/Electrics
LPC Retrofit Nordex Control System/Electrics
Machine Frame NEG Micon NM60, NM64c, NM72c, NM82 Nacelle/Machine Bearer
Main Transformer Vestas V66 - V80/90-2.0 Nacelle/Transformer
Modification of battery in WTC2 Board AN Bonus 600 kW - 2 MW Control System/Electrics
Obstruction Lights Fuhrländer
Control System/Electrics
Offline Filtration Main Gearbox NEG Micon NM48, NM52, NM60 Nacelle/Gearbox
Oil Pressure Control Main Gearbox NEG Micon NM48, NM52 Nacelle/Gearbox
PFC Discharge Circuit Board AN Bonus 450 kW - 2 MW/76 Control System/Electrics
Phase-compensation NEG Micon NM43, NM44, NM48, NM60 Control System/Electrics
Pitch Cylinder AN Bonus 1 MW/54 - 1,3 MW/62 Rotor/Pitch System
Pitch Cylinder 2 MW/76 AN Bonus 2 MW/76 Rotor/Pitch System
Pitch Hydraulic Cylinder NEG Micon NM72c , NM82, EVO I Rotor/Pitch System
Rotor Blade Optimisation Fuhrländer
MM92, N90, N100, FL2500 Rotor/Pitch System
SMART UPS 750 AN Bonus WTC2 Control System/Electrics
Speed-controlled Pressure Lubrication Main Gearbox NEG Micon NM48 Nacelle/Gearbox
Stabilisation Mita ArcNet Wind farms with Mita Network (ArcNet) Control System/Data Monitoring
Stall Strip Configuration NEG Micon NM82, V82 Rotor/Blade
Temperature Monitoring Generator Bearing NEG Micon M1500, M1800, NM48, NM52 Nacelle/Generator
Temperature Monitoring of Generator Bearing Shields AN Bonus 150 kW - 2 MW/76 Nacelle/Generator
Temperature Monitoring of Main Bearing NEG Micon M1500, M1800, NM48, NM52, NM60, NM64c, NM72c, NM82 Nacelle/Main Bearing
Temperature Monitoring of Main Bearing Vestas V66, V80/90-2.0 Nacelle/Main Bearing
Temperature Monitoring of Main Bearing AN Bonus 600 kW/44-3 - 2 MW/76 Nacelle/Main Bearing
Tower Vibration Damper Vestas V80/90-2.0 Tower/Vibration Damper
UF70 AN Bonus > 1.0 MW mit WTC2 und WTC3 Controller Nacelle/Electrics
Wear and Tear Prevention Rotor Blade Gear Meshing MD Baureihe (Nordex/Fuhrländer/Senvion) Rotor/Pitch System
Yaw System Fuhrländer


Target components