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More than ever before, wind turbine generators are operated like large power stations. This applies to the onshore as well as for the offshore market.

Our expertise opinions are required by public authorities, insurances and manufacturers. An important point is impartiality or independence. The inspection body of Deutsche Windtechnik was approved and recognized by the German Accreditation Body (Dakks) in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17020 in terms of quality, integrity and impartiality. We find out if industry standards are applied. Industry standards reduce production and maintenance costs. Only this makes wind energy comparable to other power plants.

Our experts ensure the added value for your wind energy projects.

Holger Pasch

Holger Pasch

Head of Survey & Inspection Body

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Accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17020 as an accredited inspection body of type C for the scope specified in the certificate system D-IS-20474-01-00.

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Gutachten und Inspektion durch die Deutsche Windtechnik

Technical inspections: for smoothly running turbines

The safe and efficient construction as well as operation of onshore and offshore wind farms requires most different inspections of the wind turbine generators and their single components.

We prepare technical expert opinions with regard to plant and occupational safety by independent, authorised experts. Our expertise and inspection competences include:

Expert opinions for the complete wind turbine generator

  • Inspections prior to commissioning
  • Inspections prior to warranty expiry
  • Period Inspection
  • Takeover inspections
  • Re-insurability inspections
  • "Client Rep" (customer representatives e.g. repairs)
  • Further operation of wind turbine generators after 20 years lifetime
  • Video endoscopies of the gearbox
  • Rotor blade expert opinions
  • Interior inspections of rotor blades by means of camera technology
  • Laser based measurement of blade angles
  • Structural vibration monitoring

Safety-related inspections

  • DGUV (previously UVV) ladder, chain hoist and crane, service lift
  • Personal protective equipment against fall from heights
  • Signage and marking
  • Lightning protection system
  • DGUV regulation 3 (previously BGV A3)
  • Inspection of the visibility meter
  • Inspection of the fire alarm system
  • Other optional devices

Wind turbines are designed to have a limited service life (design life). This is usually 20 years. Nevertheless, material reserves, the continued development of technical codes and computational verification methods allow the overall service life to be extended.

An assessment for continued operation provides information on whether continued operation after twenty years would be viable and what criteria it depends on. This assessment is based on current legislation and includes practical, analytical and metrological parts.

In the practical test, the technical condition of the wind turbine is examined. A computational verification is carried out during the analytical part of the assessment. Furthermore, metrological load measurements are carried out at significant points of the wind turbine to include actual location factors. 

Ensure quality right from the beginning

The engineers and technicians of Deutsche Windtechnik systematically document and analyse the quality of the single project processes from manufacturing to construction and commissioning of the turbines. This enables that the construction period and the costs for the project stay within the limits. The fulfilment of contractual claims and interests of the clients towards suppliers and manufacturers are checked if required. These surveillance activities form the basis for a safe, sustainable and efficient plant operation.

A continuous quality management range from the phase of manufacture to commissioning. Important steps are:

  • Shop inspection (supplier monitoring)
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Supervision of the pre-assembly and assembly
  • Verification of the erection
  • Supervision of the commissioning
  • Generation of expert opinions, e.g. for the commissioning or warranty
  • Enforcement of claims (Claim management)
  • "Client Rep" (Client representatives, e.g. for repairs)

Identifying and evaluating task areas and risks – this is the maxim of our multi-disciplinary consulting team. Within the framework of due diligence, our experts provide support in all problem areas, with comprehensive expert knowledge and experience from numerous wind farm projects. Thereby we are likewise available for all concerned parties – buyer, seller, planner, investor, bank or insurance – and we create a fundamental risk report for decision-making. The risks are structured and presented according to economical, technical as well legal relevant aspects.

We offer these services as an audit (due diligence) or as accompanying consultation service (consulting).