Supply of spare parts

All components at the right time at the right place

Spare parts management needs to work well – as past experience has shown. The principle: the right components at the right place at the right time. We have integrated our spare parts storage into a close network of service stations. This ensures short driving times and fast reaction times.

We have set up three different types of storehouses: main warehouse/intermediate storehouse, station storehouse directly at the service support sites and the fully-stocked service vehicles. All three ensure that our technicians have fast access to the required components.

All important components required for comprehensive maintenance and repairs are located in our main warehouses in Ostenfeld, Viöl and Osnabrück as well as the numerous intermediate storehouses at the service stations. In addition to large components such as gear boxes, generators, main bearings and transformers, we also keep sufficient stocks of all other parts for control units, processor boards, brake and hydraulic systems.

Spare parts that are required but not kept in stock at the station storehouses are made available from the intermediate storehouses or the main warehouse by express courier. If any component of the system shows signs of severe damage or there is a bottleneck in spare parts procurement, we are able to ensure the system can continue to operate.

Susan Jesche

Susan Jesche


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