Repair of large components

We react in the shortest time

For disturbances to the operation of the wind turbines that require repair or corrective maintenance, we react immediately: Our structures, the monitoring of the wind turbine data and our spare parts management system make it possible to initiate the right measures very quickly. This also applies to the repair of large components.

We can replace large components in a very short time, for example:

  • yaw gears
  • gearboxes
  • generators
  • main bearings
  • pitch cylinders
  • rotor blades
  • transformers

Full maintenance including large components

As part of the full maintenance approach, we repair all damage irrespective of its cause. This includes damages to the large components including the rotors as well as total loss of the entire wind turbine. Even damage caused by external influences such as lighting strikes, fire or hail is repaired within the scope of the full service contract.

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