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06.08.2020 ADLS-BOX Deutsche Windtechnik passes certification audit

The certification process for the transponder-based solution for aircraft detection light system (ADLS) of wind turbines (WTG) is in full swing at Deutsche Windtechnik. The manufacturer-independent system, which was developed by Deutsche Windtechnik in-house, passed the certification audit of the official testing authority in the previous week without objections. The date for the final overflight by the testing authority has already been set for mid-August. As soon as the certification process has been completed successfully, the Deutsche Windtechnik ADLS-BOX will be ready for widespread installation. The innova-tive system is one of the first to become available on the market.

Functionality and documentation convince the auditors

As part of the audit that was carried out by the testing centre, Karl Keusgen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung, and the development team discussed the technical functionalities of the system. The interdependencies were shown in detail using a model and video material. The second mandatory module of the theoretical test included comprehensive documentation of the technical basis, the design and the opera-tion of the system. The final, practical part of the certification process is the overflight using a drone, which is also carried out under the supervision of the prototype test centre. Certification is expected to be granted immediately afterwards. Deutsche Windtechnik's manufacturer-independent ADLS-BOX will then become available for installation at the end of the month. Operators can already begin the retrofitting process for their wind farms together with Deutsche Windtechnik to ensure rapid rollout.

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Test field proves multi-brand compatibility

Deutsche Windtechnik's team already carried out comprehensive practical tests of the ADLS-BOX at Windtestfeld-Nord during recent months. The wind farm includes wind turbines from the leading manufac-turers Enercon, Nordex, Senvion, GE and Siemens. Further information on the deployment of the BNK system at Windtestfeld-Nord is available here.