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28.07.2020 ADLS by Deutsche Windtechnik in multi-brand application – Turbines based on different manufacturing technologies are retrofitted with the ADLS at Windtestfeld-Nord

Deutsche Windtechnik's transponder-based aircraft detection light system (ADLS) is currently being installed throughout Windtestfeld-Nord near Husum. The 150-hectare site with turbines made by Enercon, Nordex, Senvion, GE, Siemens and Skywind offers the best conditions to test the system with technologies from the manufacturers used most frequently in Germany. A Vestas V112 wind turbine outside the wind test field has already been equipped with an ADLS.

"Windtestfeld-Nord offers ideal conditions for testing our ADLS with multiple technologies from different manufacturers. We integrate all the turbines in the test field with just one single ADLS system. The ADLS master unit is installed in the Enercon turbine," said Jasper Salzwedel, Senior Sales Manager and ADLS Project Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik. After installation, the ADLS transponder receiver is fine-tuned to work with the various turbine technologies. Similarly, the radio links for signal transmission between the turbines from different manufacturers are also subjected to a practical test.

Type testing on the home stretch – certification expected in August

At the same time, the type testing of the ADLS for Deutsche Windtechnik's ADLS-BOX heads into its final straight: The processing work has progressed to the point where the audit and the site-based part of the testing are now due. One important milestone is the scheduled flight over a Vestas wind turbine equipped with the Deutsche Windtechnik ADLS. Finalisation of the testing process and approval of the ADLS are expected to take place in August. "Certification is the vital signal to the market that it is finally possible to order the mandatory systems without running the risk of missing deadlines or not being served," said Matthias Brandt, Director at Deutsche Windtechnik AG.