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04.06.2018 Deutsche Windtechnik welcomes polar researcher Arved Fuchs and his crew at the Butendiek offshore wind farm

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the polar researcher and author Arved Fuchs visited the Butendiek wind farm as part of his research expedition "Ocean Change - Turn the Page", which started in Hamburg on May 30. The sailing ship and its crew were welcomed by Carl Rasmus Richardsen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH more

16.05.2018 Deutsche Windtechnik launches independent service for Enercon wind turbines

The independent service specialist Deutsche Windtechnik has expanded its multi-brand expertise to include turbine technology from Enercon. The company now offers complete maintenance for Enercon turbines of the types E-48 to E-115 on the German market. more

30.04.2018 Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. receives a new service contract in the United Kingdom

In addition to Scottish Power and Ventient Energy, another global developer will now also be working with Deutsche Windtechnik in the UK: Effective July 2018, Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. is in charge of providing complete maintenance for wind farm Forss. more

24.04.2018 The independent full-scope multi-brand specialist Deutsche Windtechnik is entering the US market – The high quality of service and flexible contract options provided by the company enable new optimization potential for US operators

Deutsche Windtechnik Inc. was established at the end of 2017 and is now active in the North American wind energy market. The goal of the experienced multi-brand specialist with European roots is to make the benefits of independent turbine maintenance available to US operators and investors. more

04.04.2018 Deutsche Windtechnik expands its service business in the Netherlands – Contract signed for full maintenance of twenty-two Vestas V80 turbines

Starting in April 2018, Deutsche Windtechnik B.V. will take over complete maintenance for the Koegorspolder C.V. wind farm. The wind farm comprises twenty-two Vestas V80 turbines. The full maintenance contract will run for ten years. more