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27.10.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik has signed a major contract with windpunx to retrofit ADLS at several wind farms

After successfully completing the certification process for its transponder-based Aircraft Detection Light System (ADLS), the independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik can now announce that it has signed its first major ADLS contract. más

06.10.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik executes agreement with Leeward Renewable Energy to begin service for 564 Mitsubishi wind turbines

The independent service provider has signed a long-term service agreement for five additional U.S. wind farms, setting another milestone más

18.09.2020 ADLS Deutsche Windtechnik passes type approval test – installations can begin

Deutsche Windtechnik has successfully passed the type approval test for its aircraft detection light system (ADLS) for wind turbines. This means Deutsche Windtechnik's transponder-based ADLS system is ready for market launch and is now available for ADLS retrofitting on wind turbines of all leading system technologies. más

06.08.2020 ADLS-BOX Deutsche Windtechnik passes certification audit

The certification process for the transponder-based solution for aircraft detection light system (ADLS) of wind turbines (WTG) is in full swing at Deutsche Windtechnik. The manufacturer-independent system, which was developed by Deutsche Windtechnik in-house, passed the certification audit of the official testing authority in the previous week without objections. The date for the final overflight by the testing authority has already been set for mid-August. más

28.07.2020 ADLS by Deutsche Windtechnik in multi-brand application – Turbines based on different manufacturing technologies are retrofitted with the ADLS at Windtestfeld-Nord

Deutsche Windtechnik's transponder-based aircraft detection light system (ADLS) is currently being installed throughout Windtestfeld-Nord near Husum. The 150-hectare site with turbines made by Enercon, Nordex, Senvion, GE, Siemens and Skywind offers the best conditions to test the system with technologies from the manufacturers used most frequently in Germany. A Vestas V112 wind turbine outside the wind test field has already been equipped with an ADLS. más