Performance Assessment & Due Diligence

Project-specific evaluation at the highest technical level

With our expertise in system engineering, we support you in all matters related to the evaluation of your wind farm project during different phases, including planning, transactions such as acquisitions or operation.

Our services include detailed analyses of wind turbine performance, project evaluation on the basis of contracts and technical conditions, and independent technical expertise regarding the wind turbines and the technical infrastructure at the installation site.

Performance Assessment

The Performance Assessment provides an analysis and evaluation of performance behaviour and output of the wind turbines based on the data from the installation site and the turbines. We carry out technical tests and inspections and provide a comprehensive condition assessment of the wind turbine(s) on site. Our evaluations include the operating behaviour, the energy yield, availability, performance characteristics and the detection of system-related losses during operation. The results of this analysis, in turn, form the basis for decisions on the acquisition and refinancing of wind farms. Optimisation measures can also be evaluated on the basis of these results.

Technical Due Diligence

Our service portfolio also includes Technical Due Diligence services, such as reviews of relevant contracts, the maintenance concept, profitability assumptions and any available expert appraisals. These services are applicable for projects that are already in operation. However, they are also necessary for planning the installation of wind turbines at new locations and provide a comprehensive technical project evaluation (before commissioning).

Holger Pasch

Holger Pasch

Head of Survey & Inspection Body

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A selection of our services

  • Calculation of the long-term energy yield based on the energy yield data and availabilities as well as the derivation of uncertainties
  • Recalculation in accordance with the EEG 2017 standard and assessment of the quality of the site after commissioning
  • Evaluation of yield losses and calculation of the energy availability
  • Testing of the technical settings in the control system
  • Analysis of performance characteristics during operation and testing of performance guarantees
  • Evaluation of optimisation measures and other performance-enhancing measures
  • Calculation of the probability of system failure including cost assumptions (continued operation, wind farm acquisition etc.)
  • Detailed review of available yield assumptions before commissioning
  • Evaluation of the probability that the project will be approved and receive a building permit
  • Review of contracts and guarantees
  • Technical inspection of the wind turbines
  • Evaluation of the maintenance concept and the operational management
  • Evaluation of cost assumptions and profitability