Our network bundles competences

Cooperation for the energy revolution

Networking with society, the economy and the scientific community is essential to us. A functioning network does not just provide the conditions we require for successful economic activity. For us, it is not simply an obligation but also an inspiration, forming one of the foundations needed to ensure the wind turbine operates reliably.

We are active in a broad range of different networks and initiatives. Economic and environmental interest groups as well as universities form a framework to allow us to not only be economically successful but also active within society. In our case, the added value we benefit from is the constant exchange between politics, education, research and the market.

More than just a club membership

When we become a member of an interest group, we do it out of a sense of commitment. We believe in wind energy and observe with a great deal of satisfaction that in spite of intermittent complications, the areas of politics, economics and society all act in concert when it comes to the subject of the energy revolution. In addition to membership in various local, national and global organisations, we are very committed to research, which we regularly enjoy supporting with different projects and critical ideas.

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For us, universities are an invaluable treasure chest of knowledge and naturally an indispensible place for recruiting new talent. We get involved in an active way, initiate research projects and provide them with practical support. Close collaborations with the following institutions are currently underway:

  • The University of Bremen
  • Bremen University of Applied Sciences,
  • Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Oldenburg
  • IWES, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy

We engage with full-time students in our company on an ongoing basis, mostly in the form of internships and degree theses, with detailed material and information on processes on the subject of onshore and offshore wind energies. Occasionally, individual projects also throw up new issues that are then examined intensively in research work.

Because for us, education is an essential part of university life in addition to research, we are also active in this area. We have taken part in a series of lectures on the subject of technology, energy and sustainable development within the scope of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability.

The Virtual Academy of Sustainability supports German-speaking universities in providing innovative teaching concepts and video-based events. We took on responsibility for several modules for the lectures “Technology, energy and sustainability” on the subject of wind energy. The project is available online at www.va-bne.de

RenewableUK acts as a central point of information and a united representative voice for members, promoting the benefits of wind and marine renewables to Britain & Northern Ireland by conducting research and engaging with politicians and the media. They bring members together to solve common industry problems and help them be successful businesses by supporting business to business activities and networking.

The Bremen PPU is composed of 164 companies from Bremen that act according to the principles of sustainable development and have integrated them into their active business processes. This involves, above all, close cooperation between the Bremen businesses as well as the public authorities. A range of voluntary activities, starting with the introduction of an environmental management system up to involvement in the development of environmental technology are prerequisites for participation. Deutsche Windtechnik qualified for membership, in particular, through the establishment and operation of three wind turbines in the state of Bremen as well as the innovative project Regenerativkraftwerk Bremen (regeneration power plant).

More information at www.umwelt-unternehmen.bremen.de and sustainability.

Under the slogan “Alliance for future-proof workplaces in Bremen and Bremerhaven locations”, twelve companies and institutions active in the wind energy industry have come together to tackle the issue of ensuring competitive employment places and covering skills needs for the long term. This includes the Senator for Economics and Employment and Ports, the Bremen-Bremerhaven employment agency and other companies such as Ambau, Areva and Reetec (just to name a few). The key topics include the organisation of professional further training, further development of initial training, incorporating universities, short-time work, and qualifications as well as the integration of unemployed persons.

WAB – the Wind Energy Agency Bremerhaven (WAB) is the network of the wind energy industry in Germany’s northwest region and serves as a nationwide contact for the offshore wind industry. Since 2002, more than 350 German companies and institutes have become members of WAB; they cover the entire value chain from research and production to installation and maintenance. It offers specialist events and seminars, guidance for research projects, and holds the annual international offshore conference “Windforce”.

More information at www.wab.net

With more than 20,000 members, the BWE is one of the largest associations for renewable energies in the world. For many years now, the BWE has been committed to the sustainable and efficient expansion of wind energy in Germany. The specialists in the subject in the BWE also work with international associations such as the EWEA, the GWEC and the WWEA on the European and worldwide development of wind energy. Now, more than 45 countries have adopted the German model for success for the feed-in tariff. Deutsche Windtechnik is also a working member of various BWE committees. For example, they are members of the expert advisory board and also the working groups “Further Operation” and “Rotor Blades”.

More information at www.wind-energie.de

VGB PowerTech e.V. is an European association for power and heat generation. VGB PowerTech e.V. brings together companies, for which the operation of power plants and the corresponding technologies form an important base for their business. The aim of VGB is to support the members for the generation and power plant internal utilization of electricity and of the by-products resulting therefrom.

More information at www.vgb.org

The Dutch sector association NWEA (Netherlands Wind Energy Association) works on increasing sustainable wind energy on land and at sea. NWEA unites the Dutch wind sector and accelerates the transition towards a renewable energy supply by spurring businesses and governments to invest in wind energy. NWEA actively promotes the utilisation of wind power in the Netherlands, onshore and offshore.

Read more on the NWEA Website.

The Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) is an organisation supporting and promoting the development of wind energy. The aim of PWEA is to create effective strategies and launch initiatives to overcome barriers to wind energy development in Poland.

Read more on the PWEA Website