Our network bundles competences

Cooperation for the energy revolution

Networking with society, the economy and the scientific community is essential to us. A functioning network does not just provide the conditions we require for successful economic activity. For us, it is not simply an obligation but also an inspiration, forming one of the foundations needed to ensure the wind turbine operates reliably.

We are active in a broad range of different networks and initiatives. Economic and environmental interest groups as well as universities form a framework to allow us to not only be economically successful but also active within society. In our case, the added value we benefit from is the constant exchange between politics, education, research and the market.

More than just a club membership

When we become a member of an interest group, we do it out of a sense of commitment. We believe in wind energy and observe with a great deal of satisfaction that in spite of intermittent complications, the areas of politics, economics and society all act in concert when it comes to the subject of the energy revolution. In addition to membership in various local, national and global organisations, we are very committed to research, which we regularly enjoy supporting with different projects and critical ideas.

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Cooperation with universities

For us, universities are an invaluable treasure chest of knowledge and naturally an indispensible place for recruiting new talent. We get involved in an active way, initiate research projects and provide them with practical support. Close collaborations with the following institutions are currently underway:

  • The University of Bremen
  • Bremen University of Applied Sciences,
  • Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Oldenburg
  • IWES, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy

We engage with full-time students in our company on an ongoing basis, mostly in the form of internships and degree theses, with detailed material and information on processes on the subject of onshore and offshore wind energies. Occasionally, individual projects also throw up new issues that are then examined intensively in research work.

Because for us, education is an essential part of university life in addition to research, we are also active in this area. We have taken part in a series of lectures on the subject of technology, energy and sustainable development within the scope of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability.

The Virtual Academy of Sustainability supports German-speaking universities in providing innovative teaching concepts and video-based events. We took on responsibility for several modules for the lectures “Technology, energy and sustainability” on the subject of wind energy. The project is available online at www.va-bne.de.