Our mission statement

We operate with conviction

We have convictions and principles. Our mission statement sets our work apart. Naturally, we don’t pretend there is never any clash between these guidelines and the related objectives. But all the same, they play a crucial role in what we do, in ensuring both individual and collective interests can be reconciled. We believe in ourselves enough to promote and encourage this debate, ceaselessly! Which is why our mission statement remains a key guiding element for our partners and employees alike.

Deutsche Windtechnik is a highly specialised service provider for wind turbines and substations - on land as well as at sea. We are fascinated by the goal of a power supply from 100 percent renewable energies as well as the technology with which electricity is generated from wind and fed into the grid. We know all about how wind energy works and we can take on international responsibility in this area. We aim to do more than simply keep wind turbines operational. Our aim is to have a forward-looking creative influence on the operation. Part of these efforts include generating added value in terms of reliability, efficiency and technical availability. In summary: We want to take on social commitment and do our bit to shape the future.

We welcome our ambassadorial role for top-quality wind plant maintenance, regionally, nationally and globally. What sets us apart is our intense focus on maintenance alone and our awareness of how best to exploit the individual scopes for action.

Waving the flag of quality

Our quality is underpinned by the exceptional technical and personal qualities of our employees. We pull out all the stops in order to further enrich our existing expertise. Each individual prioritises reliability, a grounded stance, motivation, trust and flexibility to go the extra mile – you can trust us! Working alongside our customers and partners in this future-oriented industry is how we develop these qualities to the full. A dynamic which we leverage to gain a quality advantage - one we are keen to preserve.

A level playing field with our partners

For us, partners include customers, clients, contractors and all other companies and organisations in touch with us. We have many objectives in common which we would like to achieve with you. At the same time, we also strive to further optimise the technical and efficiency aspects of services as well as developing new technologies. The individual needs and wishes, which we join our partners in defining, are key catalysts for our work.

Our contact with partners also centres on fairness, respect and commitment in the form of open personal communication. On a professional level, we foster objective and honest exchange. Errors do happen at times, but we learn from them and use them as a means of bettering ourselves and developing alternatives. To do so, we look at the bigger picture, reflecting the interdisciplinary work of our departments and we can also capitalise on the excellent network we have established in this industry.

Market and growth

Our company is a permanent fixture in the service market. We want to get involved and remain indispensable. We adapt our trajectory and strategy in line with markets and the respective requirements imposed on us. This is something we consider an ongoing task. We accept responsibility for acting with a constant sense of proportion, to ensure our objectives are attained without incurring excessive risk. We constantly strive for growth, performance, quality, developments and to take on challenges of all kinds as we proceed on our quest.

Health and safety

Health, the environment and safety are top priorities for us at all times. We are well aware of our responsibilities in this field and take all the measures required to avoid any danger, whether physical, mental or environmental. We spare no expense to swiftly rectify the source of any problem and constantly refine our processes. In doing so, we observe and/or optimise all applicable provisions, guidelines and laws.

Our Declaration of Independence

  • We will focus 100 percent on wind turbine maintenance.
  • We offer the most efficient solution, whatever the maintenance requirement.
  • We want to work in a fair and profitable manner: for our clients, contractors and ourselves.
  • Handling people, the environment and technology in a properly accountable manner is a given for us and something we always try to improve on.
  • Although we work and operate economically, profitability, growth or turnover are not our only motivations. We also see performance and the opportunities that emerge from serious intentions as a key focal area.
  • We consider it crucial to maintain effective dialogue among all parties involved. With this in mind, we conduct ourselves honestly, respectfully and transparently.
  • We use a range of programmes and management systems to support our work and which we deem expedient. We have chosen to be accredited for some of these systems.
  • Learning on every level is also a must for us. We prioritise interdisciplinary exchange with our partners as well as within the Deutsche Windtechnik company itself. This spawns new synergies, which we then exploit.
  • Our quest for safety is uncompromising: It always takes priority!
  • We always treat others in the way in which we wish to be treated ourselves. Morally, ethically and politically.

You can download our Code of Conduct here:
Code of Conduct