Other offshore structures

All-round service for offshore wind farms

In addition to the wind turbines, transition pieces, foundations and substations, we also offer our maintenance expertise in the offshore wind energy industry for other elements such as measurement masts, underwater cabling and living platforms. The latter in particular is beginning to play an increasingly important role in the operation of offshore wind farms. The comprehensive supervision of these fields completes the range of offshore services that we offer.

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Carl Rasmus Richardsen

Carl Rasmus Richardsen

Managing Director Deutsche Windtechnik Aps (Denmark)

Phone:+ 49 4845 791 68 970
Fax:+ 49 4845 791 68 29

Submarine cables are the lifelines of an offshore wind farm. We can carry out the following tasks for this component:

  • Remote functionality monitoring
  • Minor repairs
  • Construction and production monitoring

Measurement masts in the offshore industry need just as high a level of maintenance as other facilities. Deutsche Windtechnik offers the following range of services:

  • General maintenance tasks
  • Maintenance of the measuring tools
  • Maintenance of the grid structure

In order to optimise offshore wind farm performance, more and more living platforms are being built at sea. The aims of this is to shorten travel distances to and from work and to reduce costs. These platforms also have to be kept in good condition and Deutsche Windtechnik also provides services for this sector:

  • General maintenance tasks
  • Construction and production monitoring