Safety training with certificate

As close to real life as possible

In the wind energy industry, our employees that work at heights, such as technicians, assessors, plant managers and manufacturers, are required by law to complete education and training in occupational safety. In the process, theory as well as practical skills are taught and regularly updated. The way personal protective equipment is handled and the trust in your own equipment as well as safe working practices are vitally safety issues.

Our high-quality training courses are not only attended by our own employees but, over the last few years, we have also experienced a continuously growing demand for it throughout the industry. We would like to also offer to train your company employees.

Trust in your own personal protective equipment and safe working practices must be fostered.

A certificate is provided after completion of the training course. Our courses are certified according GWO standards.

Certified Training Provider 2018       Deutsche Windtechnik ist FISAT zertifiziert

The heart of our safety training is the climbing tower, which is situated in a building on the site of our Bremen headquarters. The 17-meter-high steel giant, accessible from several sides, fulfils all requirements for training and education under very realistic conditions. It incorporates different working heights, a range of attachment points, a service lift, a ladder with climb protection as well as an electric chain hoist capable of loads in excess of 250 kilograms. By relocating the landing guardrail, it is also possible to practice exiting a helicopter – all depending on the weather and the season.

Christian Kepp

Christian Kepp

Division Manager Training Center Deutsche Windtechnik Rotor und Turm

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Our training concept includes:

  • Height and safety training in areas where there is a risk of falling
  • Attaining a qualification in the area of cable access technology level 1-3 and the prescribed refresher courses
  • Training in theory and practice under realistic conditions
  • Training with own equipment (can also be optionally supplied)
  • A range of rescue equipment
  • Practicing a range of rescue techniques
  • Trainer with many years of experience
  • Small course groups
  • A certificate at the completion of the course
  • One-off discount for new customers