Safety engineering

Safety as a top priority – We know how

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The professionalisation of the wind energy industry is well advanced: laws, regulations, standards and guidelines have been standardised and made compulsory to the greatest possible extent. This has resulted in a whole range of specifications for which the operators of the wind turbines are responsible.

Only through regular inspection of the safety equipment and annually performed inspections that conform to the regulations of the DGUV (German statutory accident insurance institute, previously the UVV) can faults to the safety equipment be remedied in good time to ensure accidents are avoided. Deutsche Windtechnik offers the performance of all inspections, general overhaul work and/or repairs, from one source. We are happy to advise you on subjects related to occupational and equipment safety.

The inspections are based on the German Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and the regulations of the BG expert committee. For the operator, regular inspections ensure ongoing operation of the wind turbines and their legal compliance.

Safety inspections

All safety equipment in the wind turbines must be inspected at defined intervals in accordance with statutory regulations.

Our experts for safety engineering assess the following areas:

  • Inspection according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and other regulations such as the German statutory accident insurance institute (DGUV): ladders, cranes, winches, lifts, safe-climbing system, on orders from officially recognized experts
  • Electrotechnical inspections in accordance with DGUV V3
  • Inspection and auditing of personal protective equipment (PEE) for prevent falling from heights
  • Inspection of fire extinguishers and first-aid equipment (first-aid kit, eye-wash bottles)
  • Inspection of safety and health signs

For good measure, we also create hazard assessments with an integrated site, alarm, emergency exit and rescue plan.

The functionality of all safety equipment is of central importance. If faults occur here, specialist personnel may no longer be able to access the system.

This frequently jeopardises the basis for all kinds of servicing tasks. Moreover, it presents significant potential hazards and operators expose themselves to the risk of being held personally liable. Fast and pragmatic interplay between identification and rectifying the source of the hazard is therefore essential in all cases.

We offer a full range of professional maintenance and repair services for all safety-system components. These include:

  • Cranes and winches
  • Ladders, safe-climbing systems and fall arrestors
  • Electronic components
  • Personal protective equipment (PEE) to prevent falling from heights
  • Lifts
  • Creating hazard assessments including park plan/emergency escape and rescue plan/alarm plan/inspection schedules


Replacement and retrofitting – professional and fast

We supply you with equipment and spare parts from our warehouse stocks:

Fire protection

  • Fire extinguishers

First-aid supplies

  • Eye-wash bottles
  • Sealed first-aid kits

Hazard signs and signposting

  • First-aid boards
  • Mandatory and prohibition signs

PEE emergency equipment

  • Lifebelts and fall-protection shock absorbers
  • Helmets with a chin strap in a sealed equipment bag
  • Climbing protection runners
  • Rescue equipment
    • Special salvage equipment
    • Attachment points