Repowering of wind turbines

Our care of you is "integrated"

For many years now, we have been supporting operators and investors in dismantling and recycling wind parks. Ca. 200 systems have already been disassembled and sold. We not only handle technical services and professional project management; we also place value on holding personal discussions with our customers to work out the chances of success of the repowering project. The goal is to achieve maximum added value as well as planning security with reference to the recycling of the plant.

We plan the dismantling processes, organise the renaturation, the logistics and recycling of the old plant. Our project management also takes into account all required approvals as well as the regulations; we also have solutions for all safety issues.

We take care of your old wind turbines

Currently, the dismantling and sale of other systems is underway or in the preparatory process. Our customers appreciate our reliable handling of their repowering process, all from one source – from dismantling to recycling. This ensures planning security and provides good results.

An overview of our services

  • Project management
  • Dismantling
  • Foundation demolition
  • exploitation
  • Transport & logistics
  • Renaturation

With numerous specialised company units, we have all the skill necessary to successfully handle the most diverse dismantling projects. This includes the specialised preparation, dismantling, storage and transport of all wind park components (wind turbine, rotor blade, tower, foundations, transformer stations, substations, cables and ducts, paths and roads). This can be evaluated even higher to ensure the system can be sold in a perfect technical condition and safely further operated.

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Susanne Horodyvskyy

Head of Sales

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Repowering of wind turbines

Our experience has shown that professional management of the dismantling process and subsequent recycling of the wind turbines has three aspects that are of central importance:

  • The entire project should achieve the best possible economic performance.
  • The construction process of the new park should in no way be impaired.
  • It must be ensured that general standards of occupational safety are maintained during the dismantling, loading and transportation processes.

It is a big plus if the right course is set beforehand. We offer comprehensive measures to ensure the processes of assessment/preparation of the project run smoothly:

  • Assessment of the dismantling costs
  • Creation of a strategy for the dismantling and recycling
  • Tendering process for dismantling the wind turbines
  • Tendering process for dismantling the infrastructure
  • Project management for repowering
  • Consultation regarding the recycling of the old plant, sales and contract management

At, Deutsche Windtechnik, in partnership with exclusive business partners, offers an online portal for the international sale of used wind turbines.

The website presents all systems that are currently available with a written description and pictures. You can obtain detailed information on key data about the system, the components and their framework conditions. Services such as logistics, dismantling and rebuilding round off the service.

We sell internationally                                  

The sale of used wind turbines is an international business. Thus, over the last few years, Deutsche Windtechnik has made sales to countries that include Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. The market is characterised by a high volatility and price sensitivity.

Since we are continuously involved in the sale of used systems, we always have our finger on the pulse of the market. We are in a good position to judge if the sale of your system is an option. Well-tested sales contracts and a sure instinct for customer contact help to handle the sale professionally and with confidence.

An example of our projects

We have assumed complete responsibility for the dismantling and recycling process for numerous large and small projects. Selected examples are:

  • Wind farm Bassens 34 x AN Bonus 600 kW
  • Wind farm Wohnste 20 x Enercon E-40 6.44 and 10 x Enercon E-66 18.70
  • Wind farm Meyn 9x Südwind S-70 1500 kW
  • Wind farm Altenbruch 7x Nordex N-60 1300 kW
  • Wind farm Kyritz 6x NEG Micon NM60 1000 kW
  • Wind farm Bockenem 5x General Electric GE 1.5s 1500 kW

For some systems, recycling is the final choice. In the case of smaller systems, the profits can certainly cover the costs of dismantling. This must be examined in detail on a case-by-case basis. The steel in the towers, the copper in the cables is all hard cash, which must be balanced against the disposal of the rotor blades and the demolishing work on the foundations.