Service for International Wind Farms

Unlimited Service for Wind Turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik has been the market leader for independent service in Germany for many years. At the same time, we have also successively expanded our activities throughout Europe. Today, our service teams are also active in Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark. You can find our European central offices and service locations here.

As in Germany, Deutsche Windtechnik gladly takes on as much responsibility as possible internationally too. Ideally, 100% within the scope of a full maintenance contract – wherein there are many different variations.

We are also happy to provide our expertise for individual projects. This can include individual maintenance and QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) strategies or targeted measures in the area of reverse engineering.

Contact with the wind park owners in the different countries shows that work needs to be carried out in a very flexible and cost-efficient way. We thus involve our customers in the development of an individual maintenance and repair strategy in a transparent and collaborative process.

Excerpts from our internationalisation timeline

2006 Our first offshore project started in the Netherlands. We carried out rotor blade repairs in the offshore wind park (OWP) of Egmond aan Zee.
2010 Based in service locations close to the German border, we started to service wind parks in Belgium and Austria.
2013 Our first service station was opened in Poland. Then came servicing and consulting assignments in and from Denmark.
2014 To meet the growing demand for independent services in Spain, Deutsche Windtechnik took over the Spanish service provider GPS (General Power Services S.L.) and Danowind S.L. with 70 employees.
2014 The offshore location of Havneby in Denmark was established. From here, our offshore teams set off for the offshore wind parks, Butendiek and DanTysk.
2015 The first wind park in France, United Kingdom and Spain with full maintenance contract.
2015 We opened our first two service stations in Great Britain as well as an office in Edinburgh.
2015 Opening of new offices in The Netherlands and Denmark.
2016 Acquisition of Dutch/German group OutSmart B.V.
2016 Opening of new offices in France and Sweden.
2017 Opening of a new office in the USA.