Control and Power Electronics

General Overhaul of Electronic Components

It is not uncommon for wind turbines failures to be caused by electronic faults. It is often necessary to replace components of the electronic system before the plant can be reconnected to the grid network.

Our experts in controlling and power electronics are specialised in the maintenance and repair of the electronics in wind turbines. The general overhauls they perform on electronic assemblies represent an economical and reliable alternative to new parts all over the world.

To keep our delivery times short and ensure we are able to work independently of third-party providers, we overhaul subassemblies and produce them ourselves. Moreover, we develop technical upgrades to counter weaknesses in the design process. This allows us to work independently and results in cost reductions.

An overview of Deutsche Windtechnik services in the area of control systems:

  • General overhaul work and inspection of electronic component assemblies according to industry standards. All processes are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Including improvements and upgrades
  • After maintenance and repairs, every component assembly is tested in a simulation environment under realistic conditions.
  • We provide a two-year guarantee for all component assemblies that have undergone a general overhaul.
Karl Keusgen

Karl Keusgen

Managing Director
Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung GmbH & Co. KG

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Long-term cost savings with a general overhaul – worldwide!

Faults in the electronic component assemblies are often the cause of downtime. They therefore have a direct influence on the technical availability of the wind turbine. However, simply repairing the damaged component does not always offer a long-term guarantee. For this reason, our repair concept is based on a comprehensive general overhaul, with the specific goal of improving reliability.

We offer our customers a two-year guarantee on our components that have undergone a general overhaul. For this reason, our repaired products represent a real alternative to expensive new parts.

In principle, we not only supply generally overhauled electronic components but rather support our customers with all issues around the installation and the operation of component assemblies.

We offer the following product groups:


Generator slip regulation of Vestas® wind turbines
for the types V44 / V47 / V63 / V64
RCC Power Resistor 600kW Vestas® V42, V44
RCC Power Resistor 1500kW – 1650kW V63, V66
VRCC Power Resistor 600kW  
RCC Power Electronic 600kW CW V42, V44
RCC Power Electronic 600kW CCW V42, V44
RCC Power Electronic 1500kW – 1650kW V63, V66
VRCC Power Electronic 600kW  
Redesign / Rebuild  
RCC Signal Cable W584 V42 – V66
VRCC Power Cable V47
VRCC Signal Cable V47
CT259 RCC/VRCC IGBT Driver V42, V44, V47
RCC IGBT Driver V66, V63
More products on request.  



Vestas® V44, V47, V60, V63, V66, V80
(VMP 3500, VMP 5000.1, VMP 5000.2) 
CT1124 External Power Supply 24V V27, V29, V39
CT3305 Internal Power Supply V27, V29, V39
CT3357 Internal Power Supply V39 – V80
CT3354 Power Supply V63, V66, V80
CT3363 Power Supply V63, V66, V80
CT3364 External Power Supply 24V V42, V44, V47
CT3409 Rack Unit  
CT3415 Rack Unit  
CT3614 ArcNet Module/Optic RS422 V52, V66, V80
CT3514 ArcNet  
CT3230 Serial Interface  
CT3211 Fiber Optic Port  
CT3252 ArcNet Interface  
CT3513 ArcNet  
USB DFÜ Interface Module Oltec - VE-0030-03B LWL  
CT265 VPN Driver  
CT264 VPN-Slave  
USV Vestas AGO 5000VA  
Transducer / Proximity Switch Balluff  
Transducer / Proximity Switch TR Electronic  
More products on request.  



Turbine Controller for 600 kW – 2 MW turbines (WTC 2, WTC 3)
V110-1 KK Control Panel WTC2
Relay Board WTC 2
CPU Board WTC 2
More products on request.



Wind Vane  
US-Windsensor FT702LT Ultrasonic V52 – V90
Redesign / Rebuild  
Temperatursensor f. PTS5  
More products on request.  



Power stage of Vestas® Umrichter 
SkiiP® Converter Type II & III Refurbishment
depending on individual component condition

V52,V66 – V80

Redesign / Rebuild  
SkiiP® Check Test case with equipment for the
Check SkiiP® II and III on the windturbine
More products on request.  



Susan Jesche

Susan Jesche

Phone:+ 49 4845 791 68 980
Fax:+ 49 4845 791 68 29


One step ahead with in-house developments

In addition to classic reconditioning, we also develop our own solutions. This allows us to achieve increasing independence from parts manufacturers with regards to the availability of goods and prices. We win over our customers with the quality, efficient operation and, not least, economic efficiency of our innovative product developments in the areas of converter, measurement and tool technology.

The development work is characterised by exchanges based on actual practice within the Deutsche Windtechnik Group and our discussions with customers and partners. Your needs, wishes and ideas inspire us to take new paths.

The following three especially successful products are examples of our developments:

  • SKiiP® Packs for Vestas® converters
  • SKiiP® converter checking device
  • Magic Eye: optical interface unit for Vestas® controllers

We would be happy to provide details on other in-house developments upon request.

Stefan Ingwersen

Stefan Ingwersen
Research and Development

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Fax:+ 49 4843 20448 299


We can do it even better – reverse engineering

The electronics used in the wind turbines frequently represent a “black box” as the documentation on the component assembly is primarily kept by the manufacturer. Our reverse engineering (RE) department not only makes it possible for us to reconstruct and reproduce different components. Over and above this, our goal is to significantly increase the lifespan of the component through a new design and by utilising the latest technology.

First the analysis and then the reproduction ...

During RE work, our engineers and technicians systematically analyse the electronic component produced by the manufacturer. When all required information has been extracted, the component that has been examined can now be reconstructed. In the process, the duplicated component is first a one-to-one copy of the original in its properties and its use. A successful complete function test under simulated operating conditions completes the development process.

... and then comes the optimisation

The data collected and evaluated within the scope of the product analysis makes it possible for us to further develop the component in order to improve it. For example, the component assemblies are frequently no longer state-of-the-art when it comes to performance and durability.

We exchange the components to which this applies by more powerful components. This preventive approach to repair work with the goal of improving performance is what makes us stand out clearly from other providers of repair services.

As we carry out the reconditioning according to industrial standards, we have committed to documenting the work steps and results for every single component assembly.

Stefan Ingwersen

Stefan Ingwersen
Research and Development

Phone:+ 49 4843 20448 215
Fax:+ 49 4843 20448 299


Our service doesn’t stop at sales

We not only supply generally overhauled electronic components but also support our customers in all areas related to the installation and operation of component assemblies.

We also carry out assessment tasks on the electronics, for example, we create expert assessment reports on damage for insurance purposes.

Give us a ring. We would be happy to advise you.

Susan Jesche

Susan Jesche

Phone:+ 49 4845 791 68 980
Fax:+ 49 4845 791 68 29