On-demand night-time marking (ONM)

Deutsche Windtechnik offers universal, independent ONM system

Use of on-demand night-time marking (ONM) will become mandatory for many wind turbine operators on 01.07.2021. According to the General Administrative Rules for the Identification of Aircraft Obstructions (German: Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift zur Kennzeichnung von Luftfahrthindernissen, AVV), in principle, ONM retrofitting can be carried out using radar systems or by means of a device that uses transponder signals.  In cooperation with partners, Deutsche Windtechnik has developed a universal, independent ONM solution, which can be used by all operators to retrofit their turbines to comply with the AVV: The BNK-BOX Deutsche Windtechnik.

ONM system Deutsche Windtechnik

Securing the feed-in tarif

The Deutsche Windtechnik ONM system including the BNK-BOX, is characterised by great flexibility and versatility:

  1. It processes the incoming signals regardless of the source (radar or transponder-based) and can also be combined with radar ONM systems.
  2. It works independently of the type of turbine technology concerned. A single ONM system can cover turbines from different manufacturers at one wind farm, or even turbines at neighbouring wind farms, by means of radio.
  3. It functions independently of the existing wind farm infrastructure and its communication network. 

In addition, it is designed for reliable documentation and ONM operations management. The BNK-BOX from Deutsche Windtechnik comprises a separate control unit that is installed right by the hazard lighting in the nacelle itself. When signals from approaching aircraft are detected, the system uses robust algorithms to check them, and the hazard lighting is activated. If a defect occurs in the control system unexpectedly, night-time marking is activated automatically (failsafe activation). Before the system is connected, the wind turbine locations and the technology of the existing night-time marking system must be checked.



The advantages of the BNK-Box Deutsche Windtechnik:

  • Independent system that operates separately from the infrastructure and the existing communication system in use at the wind farm.
  • Can be combined with radar ONM systems
  • Many years of experience in independent service, currently for 4,800 wind turbines (basic and full maintenance focusing on Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Senvion, Fuhrländer, Gamesa and Enercon)
  • The system is integrated directly into the nacelle.
  • Robust algorithms ensure that aircraft are detected.
  • "Failsafe": reliable activation of night-time marking even if there is a fault in the system.
  • Connection to existing hazard lighting is checked on a project-specific basis.
  • Highly available installation capacities at over 150 service locations through our service network of 1,400 own employees.

Available immediately after approval by the inspection body.

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