06.07.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik joins SafetyOn as Tier 1 Member

Deutsche Windtechnik is officially a Tier 1 member of SafetyOn. This membership entitles Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. with a position on the SafetyOn Leadership Board and participation in the SafetyOn Technical Advisory Committee. The firm´s solid foot and steady growth in the UK market allows the organization to trust in its expertise and experience to be a part of how the health and safety is shaped and developed for the onshore wind industry in the UK.

SafetyOn gathers wind energy experts from across the field to provide transparent governance for H&S related topics and assist stakeholders in extenuating emerging risks through partnership and shared learning. Deutsche Windtechnik provides council with a solid foundation in the field and good practice.
Billy Stevenson, CEO Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd., is very pleased with the formation of SafetyOn and foresees a fruitful cooperation: “A specialised entity for coordination of Health and Safety is a logical and important step forward. The more experienced the cooperators of SafetyOn, the safer the workplace will be for everybody involved in the market. We believe our background can only help develop the SafetyOn work programmes and are happy to contribute.”

About SafetyOn

SafetyOn is the health and safety organisation for the onshore wind sector. Providing leadership in health and safety for the dynamic and innovative onshore wind industry, ensuring transparency about the industry’s H&S performance, as well as assisting industry stakeholders to see that key emerging risks are mitigated through co-operation and shared learning.

SafetyOn work to:

  • provide health and safety leadership across the onshore wind sector
  • seek participation of companies from across the onshore wind sector and partner with relevant trade organisations, consultancies and others
  • monitor and gather data on the health and safety performance of the sector
  • make use of and ensure effective communication of new and existing good practice and experience both from the UK and internationally
  • seek to share knowledge and good practice with associated sectors, including offshore wind, conventional generation and power networks, in the UK and beyond as appropriate

Working through the Energy Institute SafetyOn will establish an open network of safety and health experts, professionals and stakeholders to promote a strong, sustainable and continually improving health and safety culture. Thousands are employed in the UK’s onshore wind industry, and SafetyOn is playing a part in making sure they go home safe.