Marine Coordination

This is where all communication flows come together

Offshore wind farm operators carry a high level of responsibility for ensuring that all statutory requirements at sea are met – for the protection of both man and nature. Meeting this responsibility requires a high level of expertise and manpower.

The marine coordination (MC) team takes this responsibility off your shoulders and ensures the smooth running of all activities at sea. In addition to maritime surveillance, we also offer coordinating and conceptual work as well as so-called “people tracking” via RFID.

As an interface between the stakeholders, the offshore control room is where all the threads come together. In cooperation with the technical control room, marine coordination operates 24/7 with modern IT systems that centrally track and coordinate maritime activities, including ship movements and the locations of people.

Hans Spengler

Hans Spengler

Team Manager Marine Coordination

Phone:+ 49 421 69 105 151
Fax:+ 49 421 69 105 299

Maritime surveillance includes the following tasks:

  • Protection of the wind farm (natural world, people and material assets)
  • Monitoring ship traffic outside the OWP for a defined area
  • Communication and cooperation with the authorities in the event of danger caused by non-project ship traffic
  • Communication with other parties in the maritime area via VHF (in the event of emergency, after consultation with authorities)

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The coordination and monitoring refers to all activities within the offshore wind farm, e.g.

  • Monitoring/coordination of vessels and helicopters within the wind farm
  • Communication with ship/helicopter crews and technicians via radio (TETRA, maritime and aircraft radio)
  • Cooperation with authorities
  • Operations planning
  • Permit to work processing
  • Emergency assistance
  • Ship registrations
  • Creation of availability reports and documentation


For the safety of all persons in the OWP, we offer people tracking via RFID so that we are able to answer the following questions at all times:

  • Which wind turbines are occupied?
  • With how many people are they occupied?
  • Where is a particular person located?
  • When and how long has a particular person been on the turbine?

We provide expert consulting services covering all aspects of our entire service portfolio. Depending on your requirements, we create customised concepts such as
Maritime surveillance
Training courses
Safety in the OWP

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