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01.06.2022 “Run-of-the-mill” lifetime extension?

If the market electricity price increases, interest in operating turbines beyond their usual service life of 20 years also increases. But is lifetime extension always easy or even possible?  “The framework conditions have become more complicated,” said Marc Weißenborn who works in the Survey & Inspection Body of Deutsche Windtechnik. For example, modern turbine design led to lower load reserves. There are now also more wind turbines at the installation sites, which can lead to higher site-specific turbulence. Refurbished components with an unknown history are also often installed. “For this reason, we include very specific parameters in the evaluation for lifetime extension,” Marc Weißenborn explained. “Our analysts develop new strategies to allow lifetime extension even at locations with complex conditions. Increasing the security and density of the data in the documents enables us to better develop and utilise customised technical options. Methods such as sectorial cut-off, nominal power adjustment, ultrasonic testing methods and monitoring of the load-bearing structure can also help to verify structural integrity.“

Contact: m.weissenborn@deutsche-windtechnik.com