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13.01.2022 Deutsche Windtechnik acquires wind farms

Our experience increasingly shows that many wind farms that no longer receive compensation under the EEG in the German market are still in good technical condition. There is good reason to believe that they could continue to generate renewable electricity for a long time. They are valuable resources, sustainable energy sources and for the most part enjoy a high level of acceptance among the people who live near their locations. The topic of post-EEG lifetime extension has gained importance, especially due to the currently rising electricity prices and ongoing discussions regarding the simplification of licensing requirements for faster expansion.

First purchase with a view to lifetime extension
“As a technical service provider, the maintenance of existing wind farms is of particular interest to us,” said Lars Vogler, project manager at Deutsche Windtechnik. Together with his colleague Lutz Schiermeyer, has now turned those words into deeds: “As the first of hopefully many wind projects that are no longer receiving EEG compensation, we acquired the Kalefeld/Böhmerberg wind farm in October. Our goal now is to continue operating the three AN Bonus 1.3MW/62 turbines in a cost-efficient manner, and we hope to benefit from rising electricity prices in the process.”

Are you the operator of a wind farm that is losing EEG compensation and are you thinking about selling it? We look forward to hearing from you!

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