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10.01.2022 Making things that are hidden under water visible

The foundations of offshore wind turbines are the most important basis for safe operation. The extreme wear and tear caused by currents and waves, movements in the seabed, the oxygen-rich surface water and solar radiation all mean that these components require special inspection and maintenance: “We often discover problems during underwater inspections that would otherwise only have been detected if one of the cables had broken, and that would cause massive downtimes. Now we can prepare and take steps together with the customer to fix the problem, repair the systems in time and prevent further damage. This saves a lot of money and is a great relief for the insurance company,” said Geert Timmers, CEO of Deutsche Windtechnik B.V. Using special testing procedures, repair measures and corrosion protection systems, Deutsche Windtechnik ensures that wind turbines can be operated profitably and safely for as long as possible beyond the design life of 25 years.


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