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23.09.2021 How much engineering is in us?

Whether it was the European Football Championships, the Tour de France or the Olympic Games – during this summer's major sporting events, you finally had the opportunity to root for your favourites again. What we often forget in the process is that these successes are hardly ever achieved by individual athletes alone. The team in the background plays a crucial role. What innovative technologies, materials, training strategies and trends are driving performance forward? Deutsche Windtechnik's engineering is similar because our engineering services make us completely independent and unique on the market. Ultimately, the entire wind energy sector benefits from this.

More than 150 creative minds – engineers and technicians – ensure the future viability of our maintenance concepts with expertise and a wealth of ideas. Engineering is an integral part of all of our technical departments, especially power electronics, control systems, electrical systems, IT, remote data monitoring and mechanical systems. But the 'engineering mindset' also plays a role in our training centres and in repowering.  

In-house and for the entire market
Our strength lies in engineering services for wind turbines that are more than five years old. Products that are developed in-house make up the largest proportion, including optimised electronic and mechanical parts/components, upgrades, new software, improved measuring systems, smart tools, sustainable training modules and much more. On the one hand, we use them in-house to carry out service deployments even better and more effectively. On the other hand, external market participants are also increasingly benefiting from our products and services.

ADLS, Predictive Maintenance, upgrades and much more. 
In order to be innovative in this many-faceted industry, we rely on team play and interdisciplinary / international cooperation between specialists. In this regard, our approach is similar to competitive sports. For example, the departments for control electronics, electrical systems, SCADA and IT all contributed to Deutsche Windtechnik's self-developed ADLS solution. In addition, f.u.n.k.e. Avionics GmbH was brought in as a specialist for avionics equipment and avionics system solutions. They contributed valuable expertise for the development of aviation-approved products and the design and control of the radio sensor technology. For our part, we concentrated on the control system for the lighting, data transmission and processing at the wind farm and the central monitoring system. As a result, the ADLS system's flexibility fulfils all expectations. And we were quick: It was one of the first systems to be certified and is now already being installed at many wind farms.

Here are some further examples of current engineering projects by Deutsche Windtechnik: In cooperation with partners, we are developing software for predictive maintenance of wind turbines. In the areas of mechanical systems and tools, we are working on a ground-based winch system as an alternative to large cranes for large component replacements. The system enables us to save costs in the five- to six-figure range on larger jobs. That's an amazing result!

You can find an overview of our many system upgrades here.