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03.09.2021 Offshore: Response times under three hours

During the 2020/21 winter season (October 2020 – April 2021), Deutsche Windtechnik successfully implemented a new service concept for multibrand operations by helicopter at the alpha ventus and Riffgat offshore wind farms. One special characteristic of this new strategy is that the service team deployments encompass multiple technologies and wind farms for troubleshooting and maintenance activities. According to Dirk Warnecke of the operations management company Omexom, who is responsible for the wind farms on the customer side, this made it possible to achieve response times of under three hours while simultaneously reducing logistics and personnel costs by eight per cent.

The service hub in Emden, Germany, which went into operation in summer 2020, is located in the direct vicinity of the coastal city’s heliport, meaning maintenance and troubleshooting deployments can be initiated and carried out quickly by helicopter.