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24.06.2021 Training during COVID-19?

Thanks to our hygiene measures and our own testing facilitiy, it has been business as usual at the Deutsche Windtechnik Training Center since the first lockdown, despite COVID-19. Christian Liedtke, Operations Manager at Alterric GmbH, is one of the participants who recently attended the Training Center. We asked him about the training situation under pandemic conditions:  

Mr Liedtke, what has changed with regard to training compared to the way things were before the pandemic?
The remarkable thing was the ‘obstacle course’ that I had to complete before I gained access to the actual training. It began with controlled admission via a barrier, the testing of a single person at a time at the COVID-19 test centre and the procedure for entering the training rooms. This clearly structured process ensured that there were never any unsafe moments.

How did it feel to receive training in the current situation?  
Since I need the training to be able to do my job, participating in the PPE and First Aid courses was essential for me. Deutsche Windtechnik’s hygiene measures reassured both me and our health management department and made it possible to receive permission to participate. There was only a slight feeling of uneasiness when it came to the rapid test. But that too was carried out in a very professional manner.

Has the quality of the training suffered?   
No, I would actually say that the quality of the training is even better. Under normal circumstances, two people work together for the practical exercises, for example rescuing each other. Under pandemic conditions, these situations are practiced using a dum-my. The dummy plays the part in the rescue situation much more realistically than an actual person, who might sometimes try to help out. The lower number of six participants ensured focused training and improved communication. The ample distance and the plexiglass panes between the workstations made the eight-hour training a very pleasant experience. We are looking forward to returning to Deutsche Windtechnik’s training courses in the future as well.